Texans John Reid's film study helped develop who he is on the football field

John Reid's relentless pursuit of information helped him develop his game and find a home with the Houston Texans.
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The Texans added to their cornerback situation with 141st selection picking John Reid from Penn State and his devotion to preparation should not go unnoticed. 

Reid, who was initially recruited by Bill O'Brien to Penn State, went on to amass 37 pass deflections and seven interceptions in his four-years playing for the Nittany Lions.

As most cornerbacks do, Reid checked in on some professional players to learn from them and how they attack NFL pass catchers.

"I watched a ton of guys, especially guys like Chris Harris who play inside and outside," Reid said.

The list continued as Reid noted he mixed up who he was watching depending on what he wanted to take from the pro.

"I watched a ton of years of Jason Verett when he first came into the league. I watched a lot of Tre'Davious White last year," Reid added. 

"Specifically last year we played a lot of Cover 3," Reid continued. "Things like that, and I wanted to be able to press-bail better. So I would watch guys like Tre'Davious White who did that."

Reid wanted to make it clear, he wasn't imitating just borrowing to make himself better.

"So I'm usually pulling certain clips to try to take little pieces of everybody's game that I can but make sure you know that I had my own identity also."

Reid said he has always loved to watch the film. His father encouraged him to watch great players and take from their game. Reid mentioned it evolved into understanding offenses and defenses and how the offensive players attack different defenses. He even bailed on a recruiting barbeque thrown by James Franklin to watch film while at a Penn State function.

"For me, it was more about learning and getting better," Reid said. "Instead of actually doing the barbeque I asked the defensive coordinator at the time coach (Bob) Schoop, I was like 'coach you know I don't mean to be disrespectful or anything but if you have some time I would rather go upstairs and watch film to see what you guys actually run and where I could be potentially playing."

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