There is little secret on the lack of success the Houston Texans have had against the New England Patriots in franchise history. With only one win in nine regular-season meetings and two losses in the postseason, veteran cornerback Johnathan Joseph wants no moral victories on Sunday. 

One of the Texans' most prominent voices not only in the locker room but in the organization, Joseph understands the importance of winning games like these. Since arriving to the Texans in 2011, Joseph has helped change the culture of an organization, and now they are trying to clear one of their biggest hurdles, the Patriots. 

The record against the Patriots means little for Joseph, but one thing for sure, he wants to let all the play on the field speak for itself. 

"It's not relevant," Joseph said of the past matchups. "But for sure, I want to kick their ass for sure. I think you lose like that and we've been close close close. Like that doesn't get anything done, I don't want any moral victories. I want to win the game at the end of the day. 

The past two losses to the Patriots have come by a combined ten points and in heartbreaking fashion. In both games, the Texans could have made plays to win the game, but it was all for not. 

Just like the Texans preach of playing 60-minutes, Joseph knows that is how the Patriots are built. He understands every play will count on Sunday because of the in-game adjustments the Patriots make in which Joseph calls the best in the league at doing that.

"Those guys did a great job finishing those last couple of games, and that's what it's about," Joseph continued. "It's a 60-minute game, and you got to go play, you know, every quarter, and they'll never know what plays is going to be the outcome of the game."

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