Jonathan Greenard was picked 90th overall by the Texans out of Florida making him the second defensive player taken by the Texans in the 2020 NFL Draft. Greenard helped pace the Gators pass rush in 2019 and was the SEC's top pass rusher in 2019 and bring that edge presence to the Texans is what he is looking forward to the most. 

The attacking edge player is proud of what he has built in his repertoire.

"My biggest strength is my knowledge of the game," Greenard said. "My natural instincts. Having a knack for the ball."

Greenard credited his preparedness to his time having played on offense and defense as a youngster. He said his father had him watching film when he was five years-old playing running back. 

In high school, he played both ways also suiting up as a tight end. The experience at multiple positions all ties together in helping him in his NFL career.

Like any well prepared professional, he already has a list of things he wants to improve as his NFL journey begins.

He said he wants to make his job easier by refining his technique and thinks that will help his ability to get after the quarterback and stop the run. He specifically mentioned he wanted to work to find his second move more consistently.

While casually mentioning he is only a few hours away from his MBA, Greenard said the move from Louisville to Florida was to challenge himself it what he called the best conference in college football.

Greenard comes off as a player who has desired a spot in the NFL for years and has put in the time and effort on little things to make his opportunity pay off. 

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