Texans Looking For Consistency in 2013

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That's one way to describe the end of the Texans' 2012 season. It's hard to explain why it was so difficult to capture that one elusive win that would have had the road to the Super Bowl roll through Reliant. The Texans held the league MVP to under 90 yards, yet allowed a rookie QB to carry the Vikings to a big win. In the finale, the Texans' special teams allowed a 2nd half kickoff return for 101 yards and a 70 yard TD pass on a crucial 3rd and long that ultimately lead to that loss. Not to mention the Texans' offense only scored 22 points combined in those two losses. So what happened? More importantly, how do the Texans reverse their late season bad luck?

It starts with the players. The separation of good teams and great teams is slight. The difference in the two is the good teams play well while the great teams play great in the biggest situations. Some would say the Texans were one play away. Others would say they were a good quarter, half or complete game away from being one of the great teams in the league.

The 2013 Texans will only go as far as the offense takes them. JJ Watt and the Texans' defense will be there every snap of every game. They will bring the intensity and fire they showed in early 2012. Throw Ed Reed into the mix and this defense has the chance to return to the top five in total defense. The offense needs to help the defense bring this Texans team to levels never before reached. Gary Kubiak has the weapons available to have an explosive offense. If not explosive, this unit can at least be consistent on a week to week basis. The offensive unit must find ways to put up points in both halves of every game. In too many games, the Texans put up touchdowns early only to settle for field goals after building a lead. We also saw the offense come out flat only to turn it on in the second half. Consistency is a must. Plays will have to be made when they are there to be made. The good teams in the NFL make plays. The great teams in the NFL make plays when it matters most....and they finish as strong as they start.