Texans Lose A.J. McCarron For the Remainder of the Preseason with Thumb Injury

The Houston Texans will be without A.J. McCarron after suffering a thumb injury on his throwing hand.

Houston Texans quarterback A.J. McCarron will be out for the rest of training camp and the entire preseason after injuring his thumb during joint practices on Tuesday against the Green Bay Packers.

McCarron injured his thumb on his throwing hand on a deep pass to rookie wide receiver Tyron Johnson. The ball came out wobbly after McCarron let the ball go and after the play, he immediately went to team trainers. Team personnel looked at his thumb and took him in right away, ending his practice.

McCarron has earned praise from teammates and head coach Bill O'Brien for how much time he has put into the Texans offense.

"He's been good,” O’Brien stated. “AJ is a good guy, he loves football, just really our type of guy. He just grinds it out, loves to talk about it. Kind of a guy sometimes you've got to shoo away because you've got to go to the meetings, because he's always wanting to talk about the play or the scheme. He just loves football.”

With the loss of McCarron the Texans will have to turn to Joe Webb III to run the offense this Thursday in their preseason opener. The Texans might have limited snaps for Deshaun Watson too.

The Texans will look to sign another quarterback until McCarron is ready to come back to the team.

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I like Weeden , but they really didn't give him much respect I hope if they call him he tells BOB to suk it !