Texans' McNair Texts, Watson Tweets, Fans Twist in the Wind

What is the Texans owner's message over text to the star quarterback? What does Watson's first tweet of 2021 mean?
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HOUSTON - The relationship is on the mend and Deshaun Watson - Houston fans hope - isn't going anywhere.

Houston Texans CEO Cal McNair acknowledged to the Houston Chronicle the unhappiness of his star quarterback. ... but also revealed he's in contact with his franchise QB.

"Deshaun and I connected over text since he’s returned from vacation," McNair told the Houston Chronicle. "It’s no secret he’s disappointed in the (lack of) communication during the hiring process."

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The unhappiness led to speculation that Watson might want a trade to a new team. Watson has yet to publicly comment on the situation with the Texans and no official trade request has been made by Watson. 

Deshaun Watson finally had his first tweet of the new year Friday. 

Watson tweeted shortly after the name of a song that contains those lyrics

Of course, there's plenty of speculation on the tweet's meaning. Adam Schefter reported earlier this week "last off-season, Deshaun Watson’s anger level was “a 2….This time, it’s a 10."

Watson has to know what he is doing including those two numbers specifically. He knows what the buzz is on the Texans right now. 

This does nothing to quiet any speculation Watson may be happy. It will only ignite the rabid fanbases unhappy with their quarterbacks to take to Photoshop and edit Watson into their team's jersey. 

It doesn't sound as though the Texans plan to entertain starting trade negotiations. 

"I’ve watched Deshaun since he played at Clemson," McNair said. "I believe he can win championships here. We believe in him. He’s a great person and a Texan. He’s our quarterback."

McNair declined to explain what he and Watson texted about specifically. He did say he plans to make sure Watson is involved in the process of hiring a head coach. 

"We want him in the loop and part of this process," the owner said. 

The Texans have been slow to the draw on the interview process. 

The team has currently requested an interview with Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frasier, Baltimore wide receivers coach David Culley, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, and Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley. 

These coaches are still coaching in the playoffs and the Texans can't interview them until their team's season is finished or January 25, whichever comes first. 

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"Picking the right head coach is more important than making a quick pick,'' McNair said. "It means a lot to us, so we’ll take our time to get the right guy. We’re right in the thick of things."

McNair pointed out their slow process in asking for an interview with Bieniemy and Staley was due to the team waiting for new general manager Nick Caserio to assemble a list of head coaches he wanted to interview. 

Maybe, while Houston waits, Deshaun Watson can text in or tweet out his ideas.

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