Texans Motivated by Pro Bowl Voting

Patrick D. Starr

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With the Pro Bowl voting over, the Houston Texans had two players selected to head to Hawaii. Also, the Texans had nine alternates selected, just in case injury occurs. Their were some head scratching picks that not only included the Texans, but there has to be a case made for Brian Cushing, Connor Barwin and Duane Brown.

It happens every year, but this might be just what the Texans needed for extra motivation to get them focused and ready for the playoffs. With Arian Foster and Johnathan Joseph set to go to Hawaii, Foster was vocal about none of the offensive lineman going with him, and Joseph was shocked that he was the only defensive player selected.

Despite being snubbed, it seems the NFL and the voters for the Pro bowl might have provided that slap in the face to wake up a sleep walking team the past two weeks. If there is not bigger sign of disrespect and what the NFL and it's fans think of what the Texans season is, look no further than the Pro Bowl rosters. The Pro Bowl rosters are nothing more than a popularity contest for the fans. Players vote according to respect for players, plus some even make the trip with teammates. Coaches probably have the best viewpoint in the voting process, because they vote for what the players do on the field.

The Texans seem to feel disrespected and now in a position to prove their nay sayers wrong and prove they are better than what the rest of the league thinks they are. With two sub-par weeks, it is looking like the Texans might be a fluke season. Sitting at 10-5 the Texans have proved their worth and were the second team in the NFL to clinch a playoff spot in 2011. If you watch the Texans, like we do, we all know they are better than what they have done the past two weeks.

Disrespect might be a strong word for what the Texans Pro Bowl snubs, but they can use this time as extra motivation for an important time of the year. It starts on this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, and it will be evident if the Texans will be back to their old ways, let's hope the NFL has provided that extra spark for the playoff run.

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