Texans Draft: Alabama WR Waddle Keen On Houston 'Homecoming'

Alabama wideout Jaylen Waddle may currently be out of reach for Houston, but the self-proclaimed Texans fan would welcome the opportunity to return home.
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It may be tough for many to admit to being a Houston Texans fan in these trying times for the franchise, however, one of this year's top NFL Draft prospects wasn't afraid to discuss his personal allegiances.

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Houston native and now-former Alabama wide receiver Jaylen Waddle was asked by NFL Network's Andrew Siciliano if he was a Texans fan given his heritage.

"Yes sir I am, grew up a Texans fan, I'm Houston every day," said Waddle.

Slated to be drafted somewhere in the top half of the first round, the Texans would have been set to pick at number three had they not traded away their pick in the Laremy Tunsil trade.

Regardless, Waddle admitted that he would have enjoyed the opportunity for a "homecoming."

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"That'd be great just to go home," said Waddle. "I'd do anything for my hometown, Houston's great and I love the community."

A former Episcopal High School Knight over in Bellaire, Texas, the franchise could certainly do with a receiver of Waddle's quality given they've lost both DeAndre Hopkins and (likely) Will Fuller in the past 12 months. 

At this point, had Houston still owned the third overall pick it seems far more likely they would be going for a quarterback to replace the wantaway Deshaun Watson. That being said, perhaps drafting a top receiver like Waddle could help convince the Pro-Bowl quarterback to remain in town.

Otherwise, Waddle's best bet to return back home would be if the Texans traded Watson for a deal that included a top 10 pick and a veteran quarterback.

Certainly not out of the realms of possibility...

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