Texans NFL Free Agency: Sign Packers All-Pro Center?

Could Green Bay Packers center Corey Linsley be headed to the Houston Texans? Don't count on it.
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Now that Nick Martin has officially been released, the Houston Texans are without a starting center. However, newly appointed offensive line coach James Campen has links to a particularly interesting free agent option.

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All-Pro center Corey Linsley had a career year in 2020, posting the highest-grade among his position in the NFL, per Pro Football Focus. And despite helping quarterback Aaron Rodgers win NFL MVP last season, it looks likely Lindley will be looking for a new home this offseason.

"Looks like all signs are pointing towards snapping the ball somewhere else next year," said Linsley on SiriusXM.

As it stands following the releases of Martin and running back Duke Johnson on Friday, the Texans' cap situation looks as follows:

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According to Sportrac, Linsley's market value sits at just over $11 million annually. Therefore, theoretically, the Texans could be in the running.

Certainly, bringing in the league's best center wouldn't hurt Houston's chances of convincing quarterback Deshaun Watson to stay. Also, Linsley did play the first five of his seven years in the NFL to date with Campen as his offensive line coach in Green Bay.

That being said, we say Linsley likely won't be heading to Houston any time soon.

All of the general manager Nick Caserio's roster moves so far have pointed to a prudent business approach. The Texans' cap situation is horrible, and he is clearly all too aware of the previous regime's failings in this regard as he attempts to clear up their mess. 

As such, given the number of holes this starting lineup currently has, not to mention their need for depth, spending all of your available cap space on one star seems counterintuitive. Plus, one signing alone will not be enough to convince Watson to stay given how steadfast he has been in his position so far. 

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Linsley's signing would undoubtedly be a huge boost for this offense, and his ties to Campen make it an intriguing prospect. But there is currently no reason to believe the Texans could be in the running for any of this year's top free agents.