Texans Nick Martin Calls it an "Honor" to Stay with the Team That Drafted Him

Patrick D. Starr

In a surprising move, the Houston Texans locked up their starting center Nick Martin on a three-year extension for $30 million. Martin has had an up and down start with the Texans dealing with injuries and up and down play.

The Texans gave Martin a vote of confidence sinking money into a player they do not feel is done developing as an NFL player.

"Nick is a really good guy. He's one of the leaders of our team," Bill O'Brien said of Martin. "Tough, smart, and dependable. That's what Nick is. He loves football. He loves being a Texan. In the past he's had to deal with some injuries, he's come back, though. He played a lot of football, good football for us last year, played good on Monday night and just want him to be a Texan. So, we all felt like that was the best move for Nick and for our team."

Martin was entering the final season of his rookie contract, and the Texans have been working on getting an agreement done with Martin. The deal was struck and announced after the Texans first regular-season game of the season.

Martin was honest about his contract situation being on his mind entering this season. He is glad it all has been taken care of so he can concentrate on football.

"I would be lying to say if I said it wasn't," Martin said of contract talks heading into his final season. "Obviously you got a separate and play football, but now it's done it's a weight off, and focus on football and the Texans. Helping this organization."

Martin called it an "Honor" and is happy to be staying with the Texans.

" It was very cool," Martin said of getting the contract completed. "It really was. The biggest thing, I talked to my brother (Zack Martin) about it. Obviously, he went through it. The pride of staying with the team you were drafted with is a cool thing."

Deshaun Watson and Martin's relationship has blossomed since the two started working together in the off-season of 2017. Watson and Martin roomed together in training camp when the Texans went to West Virginia for two training camps at The Greenbriar.

Watson was happy for his center and more importantly, his friend.

"He deserves it," Watson said of his center. "Everything he's put in for this organization, for himself, on and off the field, coming back from injuries, being able to come in and lead that O-line group. It's hard to play center in this offense. It's a lot of information, a lot of things that you've got to call at the line of scrimmage and make sure that everyone is on the same page. "

Watson continued with a smile, "Congratulations to him and definitely more dinners for him to pay for the offense."

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