Texans Owner McNair Reveals Thoughts On Houston's 'New Approach'

Houston Texans CEO and chairman Cal McNair gave his thoughts on the organizational changes the team are going through, as well as his thoughts on general manager Nick Caserio.
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In a rare interview, Houston Texans chairman and CEO Cal McNair discussed the direction the organization is heading in thanks to general manager Nick Caserio, and the wider change in the approach they appear to be adopting.

"It’s exciting to see Nick (Caserio) work the roster," said McNair at the 18th Annual Houston Texans Charity Golf Classic, which raised over $300,000 for the Houston Texans YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston and the Houston Food Bank according to houstontexans.com.

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"You saw it early and we saw it just the other day with another acquisition – a linebacker from the (New York) Jets who’s a tackling machine (Neville Hewitt). You’ll see him do that through the whole process. I don’t think he’ll ever quit. He’ll always be working to make the team better, which is exciting to see."

Nobody can accuse Caserio of not working endlessly to chop and change the roster. In adding so many free agents this offseason, his goal all along has been to create competition for every single roster spot, and while there is no knowing how many of these acquisitions will ultimately work out, you can't criticize Caserio's efforts.

Relative to the bigger picture, this offseason has been unlike any this organization has had since its first season back in 2002. 

A roster turnover like this, combined with the number of changes in staffing from the front office to the coaching staff, is unchartered territory for the Texans. But McNair appears to believe perhaps a change in an approach like this was necessary, and he's clearly enjoying watching everything take shape.

"Traditionally we haven’t had a lot of turnover, so maybe it’s time we do try some new things, and we’re going to do that," said McNair. "To watch them work together, it’s been a lot of fun. But yeah, you see a lot of joy and a lot of camaraderie and working together at a high level. So, it’s very gratifying."

Only time will tell whether these changes will be for the better. But credit where credit is due; Texans fans had been calling for change, and they've certainly got it.

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