Texans, Preseason Team Comparisons

Patrick D. Starr

I have always been of the impression that each year when teams are matched up in the preseason that they are playing them based on teams they will face in the regular season. I know that they don’t have complete control over who they will play in the preseason, but I tend to believe that they somewhat mirror teams they will play in the regular season. Here I will comment on the preseason teams, and compare them to a team with the closest makeup that the Texans will face in the regular season.

Carolina Panthers

Star Players: Cam Newton, Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams

This is a young team with a decent amount of upside. They have a star quarterback in Cam Newton, one of the better running back tandems in the league, and one of the more respected wide receivers in the league in Steve Smith. I believe once they get their defense back and healthy they could be a contender for their division.

Regular Season Comparable: Chicago Bears

San Francisco 49ers

Star Players: Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, Randy Moss

The 49ers strength lies in their defense. They have a great defensive line play as well as their secondary makes plays on the ball. Their offense on the other hand is average and they don’t have any prolific wide receivers on their team outside of an over the hill Randy Moss. The 49ers are a team that should win their division without much struggle due to a weak division.

Regular Season Comparable: Baltimore Ravens

New Orleans Saints

Star Players: Drew Brees, Jonathan Vilma, Jimmy Graham, Darren Sproles, Marques Colston

The Saints offense is one of the more explosive in the NFL. They are high-powered offense that success is based on the effectiveness of their passing game. The Saints have several different wide receivers that Brees can go to, but none of them other than TE Jimmy Graham can take over a game. Brees is a surgeon and can take apart any defense if given time, but he has been vulnerable by throwing interceptions from time to time.

Regular Season Comparable: New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings

Star Players: Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen, Percy Harvin

The Vikings are a team that are in rebuild mode with them exiting the Favre era. They have a second year head coach and a second year quarterback. There doesn’t seem to be much upside to this team currently outside of Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen. They are in desperate need of more playmakers. It will be difficult for them to dig out of the basement with such talented teams ahead of them in Green Bay, Detroit, and Chicago.

Regular Season Comparable: Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars

None of these comparable teams are a perfect match, but they possess some of the same schemes and looks that the Texans will see this year. Who would you compare them the preseason teams to in the regular season?

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