'I Went Crazy': Texans DT Blacklock On Houston Drafting TCU Teammate Wallow

Second-year Houston Texans defensive tackle Ross Blacklock has said that after seeing his side draft former TCU teammate Garret Wallow - He 'went crazy.'
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When the Houston Texans traded up to the 170th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft it was anybody's guess who they had their eyes on. 

Upon selecting linebacker Garret Wallow out of TCU, his emotions were clear to see...

And apparently, his former college teammate and now current Texans colleague, defensive tackle Ross Blacklock, was equally pumped.

"I went crazy when they drafted Garret," said Blacklock, per Aaron Wilson. "I was driving and I was trying to call him, but I knew he was busy. I was screaming in the car all the way back to Houston. Anybody that knows Garret, knows he deserves it."

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The Texans have seen a huge turnover at linebacker this offseason, with Wallow one of the few players on at the position who (once he signs) will be tied down for multiple years. Potentially a key piece of this defense moving forward, Wallow has said in the past that he aims to bring "leadership" to the Texans locker room and it seems Blacklock expects nothing less.

"He’s the hardest working dude in the room. He’ll be a leader, for sure," said Blacklock.

Leadership will be a valuable commodity this season as the Texans get used to the front office, coaching and playing changes that have seen this organization rapidly revamped this offseason. Combine this with the fact that with the upcoming defensive scheme change to a 4-3 Tampa 2, Wallow should, in theory, be a good fit at linebacker given his experience as a safety earlier in his career.

"Garret was in the box a little bit, he played detached from the formation," said Texans general manager Nick Caserio after they had concluded their draft. "Instinctive player, runs well, can close space, is a decent tackler, A-plus football makeup and character, which that's important to what we're trying to do."

A hard-working and instinctive leader who at least one of his teammates is already excited to be playing alongside; Looks like the Texans could be an excellent fit for Wallow to flourish. ... especially if he can bring more "crazy'' joy to Houston.

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