Texans Rumblings 8.30.2011

Patrick D. Starr

Here are a look at posts about the Houston Texans across the internet.

Bill Polian Gives assessment of Wade Phillips


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Foster Not Anti-Fantasy, Just Pro-Human

ESPN.com, Paul Kuharsky

The Cushing Conundrum

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Texans Cut Roster Down

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Houston Texans Roster Checkup

Alan Burge, Houston Texans Examiner

Kubiak Quotes

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Things I would like you to read

Steph Stradley

5 most underrated Houston Texans

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Win over the 49ers and what does it mean?

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Texans Defensive Success

Jake Lagenkamp, Bleacher Report

5 Texans Games You Don't Want To Miss

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Isolated Review: Antonio Smith

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