Texans Rumblings 9.15.2011

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Here are some articles of the Houston Texans from across the internet.

Texans Flag

Mike, Aaron and Pat talk Houston Texans in their LUV YA STEEL BLUE Podcast, in say "Watt" one more time.

Houston Texans. com talk about the many Texans returning to their home state of Florida this Sunday, also quotes from Wednesday's practice. and the expectation that Arian Foster will be ready to play against the Dolphins.

NFL.com thinks that Gary Kubiak is hinting that Ben Tate will get more playing time.

Our friend Alan Burge updates the injury report for this Sundays game and the resigning of David Anderson.

Steph Stradley blogs about the nonsense called fantasy football, Texans links and photos from Sunday.

Paul Kuharsky, ESPN, covers the Andre Johnson says another Johnson is the best recevier in the NFL and how the AFC South is for the taking.

Jefferey Martin talks about how confidence is a drug for the Texans.

Jerome Solomon, Houston Chronicle, talks about Houston's secondary preparing for their first real test.

SI.com reports the most talked about story out of Houston, Arian Foster returning to practice and so does ESPN.

Chris, Houston Diehards, talks about the beat down the Texans put on the Colts on Sunday.

The Bleacher Report talks about not rushing Arian Foster back into action, and also what to expect when the Texans head to Miami.

The Toro Times writes about Arian Foster and his possible return on Sunday.