The 2020 NFL season was already set to be like no other given the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. But now another issue stands in the way, for the Houston Texans and others: Hurricane Laura.

“Jack (Easterby, team exec) and I call it ‘stick and move,'' Stick and move, man,” said O’Brien in a Tuesday discussion of the weather threat that couldn't be heading toward Houston. “This is what it is. If we get a hurricane, it’s terrible but we just adjust our schedule and these guys – we’ll have the team ready to go.”

Some parts of the south have begun to evacuate; in the case of the Texans, the word is "evaluate'' - evaluate the storm threat while hoping to still stage the scrimmage scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday at NRG Stadium that is key to finalizing the 2020 roster.

“In my opinion, just for our football team, what’s best for our team is to have two of these scrimmages,” said the coach/GM O’Brien. “At least one of these in full pads where we warm up like a game, we treat it as much like a game as we possibly can. ... Basically, the logistics of a game. We’re going to try to do it. We’re going to try to keep it for Thursday.”

The preparation is all pointed at the Texans kicking off the 2020 NFL season at Arrowhead Stadium on September 10, as they look to knock off the reigning Super Bowl champions. In the meantime, time - and Hurricane Laura - will tell whether O’Brien and company will need to massage this concept “stick-and-move” (a boxing term about elusiveness) in the coming weeks.

O’Brien declined to look at the weather threat as a "setback.''

 “That’s 2020, right?'' he said philosophically. "This is like typical for 2020.”