Texans see Jonathan Greenard filling multiple roles in their defense

The Houston Texans envision multiple roles for rookie outside linebacker Jonathan Greenard in their defense.
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Houston, Texas- When the Houston Texans pinpointed that outside linebacker Jonathan Greenard was a potential match for them during the draft process, it was due to him being more than a pass rusher. Adding a much needed youthful player to their depth was a necessity and the Texans feel they have done that with Greenard

Making his mark in the SEC as a graduate transfer for the Florida Gators, Greenard became one of the top pass rushers in the nation. 

With the Gators, Greenard appeared in 12 games leading the SEC with 9.5 sacks and 15.5 tackles for loss. He also had 52 total tackles, three forced fumbles, four pass breakups.

That makeup of Greenard impressed the Texans, and first-year defensive coordinator sees a more significant role for Greenard in the defense when that time comes.

Meeting with the media in a zoom conference call, Weaver discussed the addition of Greenard. 

"I'm excited about all these guys," Weaver said of the defensive rookies. "Particularly, the ones that we drafted."

Weaver continued, "Those are guys that that have played some significant snaps, and played well in college. And we expect them to come here and to contribute because they have the three qualities that we talked about all the time, guys that are dependable guys that are tough guys that are smart they have those attributes. And if you have those things, then you have a chance to come in and come in and play early."

Meeting with Greenard at the NFL Combine and at the Senior Bowl, the Texans felt comfortable with edge presence. Head coach Bill O'Brien called Greenard a SAM backer in their defense, and Weaver is in unison the vision. 

"John Greenard was a guy that you could see," Weaver explained. "Doing a bunch of things for us, and I think position flexibility, Particularly in the defense we're trying to institute, adds a tremendous amount of value." 

O'Brien, on the draft night, mentioned that Greenard's skill set was versatile, and Weaver echoed the same line of thinking. 

"He's a guy that that can rush off the edge," Weaver said of Greenard. "Can rush inside can drop into coverage. When you can wear that many hats that pose a lot of potential problems for an offense. That was probably the main thing we saw Jon Greenard."

Starting his football career at Louisville, In 2017, Greenard appeared in 13 games (five starts) and led the Cardinals with 15.5 tackles for loss and seven quarterback sacks.

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