Texans Tweets of the Week: Vol. 1

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State of the Texans prides itself on bringing you closer to the players. While we can't get you an invite to the next defensive linemen dinner, we can bring you their highly entertaining Twitter feeds. Because joining Twitter and filtering through timelines is just so exhausting, we've done all the work for you. Thus, we bring you Week 1 Tweets of the Week:

SOTT Tweets of the Week

Ed Reed BDay

The Texans celebrated Ed Reed's 35th birthday and the team went all out - walker and all. UDFA Rookie A.J. Bouye was able to snap a picture of the cake and it might be the most badass cake I've ever seen.

Well, it's not a letterman jacket...

DeAndre Hopkins had a slow start, but he came to play. With 5 catches on 6 targets for 66 yds. (his lone drop being in the endzone), he was a key part of the San Diego take down. I look forward to seeing him come into his own throughout the season. You stay classy, little Dre.

Wade Phillips breaking down how dominant the defense played in the last 25 minutes of the game. Phillips also spoke about how he hoped that people hadn't turned their TVs off and gone to bed before the game was over because they might be surprised at the outcome the next day. What he didn't point out was the fact that those of us who stayed up and DIDN'T turn our TVs off were also equally surprised at the outcome.

Of course, Brian Cushing had the play of the night (year?). Cushing had been relatively quiet the entire night until his huge interception for a TD to tie the game in the 4th quarter. This subsequently led to the defense stopping the Chargers' offensive drives and ultimately allowed Randy Bullock to kick the game winning field goal. This was the ball #56 intercepted which was given to him after the game. All I have to say is, welcome back, Cush. Welcome back.

The media coup de gras. It was frustrating to see Arian Foster so... well, frustrated. And of course the media completely ran wild with this "wave-gate" as if there was some sort of starting RB controversy going on. Ben Tate put to bed any rumors of the sort. Everyone should know by now how evenly these two will share carries. The Texans are lucky to have two starting running backs on their team.

At least we're not having to worry about any of our players tweeting about facing murder charges or possible season ending injuries. If we can get out of each week with this kind of positive talk, I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief. The Texans take on their division rival and all-around nemesis, the Tennessee Titans, this Sunday at 12:00 CST. As always sports fans, keep it locked in to State of the Texans for more of the latest on your Houston Texans. See you at the game on Sunday!

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