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Did Texans Scare Urban Meyer into Considering Quitting the NFL?

No. the Houston Texans didn’t send Urban Meyer scurrying from the NFL with his tail between his legs. But ...

Did the Houston Texans almost scare Urban Meyer right back out of the NFL?

Moments after USC fired head coach Clay Helton, the internet caught fire with immediate speculation about the availability of new Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Meyer to run its program.

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That firing occurred on the heels of the Texans’ 37-21 thrashing of Meyer’s team in Week 1 of the accomplished coach’s very first real NFL game.

Oh, and one more “welcome to the Big Leagues” oddity, as Meyer skipped participating in the customary phone conference call with the upcoming opponent’s local media group, in this case reporters who cover the Denver Broncos.

That’s a lot of smoke, Coach …

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“There’s no chance,” Meyer said to the Jacksonville media when asked about jumping ship to return to the college level, where Meyer did not too often lose 37-21 to a mediocre-at-best foe. “I’m here and committed to try to build an organization.”

There is no reason to doubt Meyer here; he surely knew he was in for a bit of a baptism while taking over a Jags team so awful that is was rewarded with this year’s No. 1 pick. And with the selection of blue-chip QB Trevor Lawrence, he surely knew there would be growing pains.

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And, we suppose, Urban Meyer knew there would be, paired with failure, rumors about his stability in many ways.

So, no, the Houston Texans didn’t send Urban Meyer scurrying from the NFL with his tail between his legs.

But even though this isn’t college, the Texans sure did school him.