Texans vs. Colts: Week 1 Snap Counts

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Here on the State of the Texans we are going to release the snaps counts of the Texans players on offense and defense for the next few weeks. We wanted to see the snaps that the Texans players accumulated over the season, and also give us a better insight on the personnel packages they used on offense and defense.

We looked at snaps, carries, targets, hurries and anything else we could have thought of. Here are the reports from week 1.


Offensive Notes:Offensive Snaps vs. Colts

Kevin Walter was hurt 35th offensive snap. We don't see him again until New Orleans.

Passing Offensive Targets: (Catches/Targets)

Steve Slaton: 1/1

James Casey: 3/3

Owen Daniels: 1/2

Joel Dreessen: 1/1

Andre Johnson: 6/9 

Kevin Walter: 2/3

Jacoby Jones: 2/3

Offensive Snap Counts: 64 Total

Matt Schaub and Offensive Line: 64

Ben Tate: 41

Derrick Ward: 19

James Casey: 46

Owen Daniels: 42

Joel Dreessen: 36

Andre Johnson: 63

Kevin Walter: 25

Jacoby Jones: 36

Bryant Johnson: 4

By Formation:

Pro: 32

Two Tight End: 24

3 Wide Receiver: 8

Defensive Notes: Defensive Snaps vs. Colts

Antonio Smith was active on game one. He had three quarterback hits and one sack.

Mario Williams was terrorizing the Colts offense. He had 2 sacks and 5 quarterback pressures.

Defensive Targets: Thrown At (Catches/Targets)

Johnathan Joseph: 3/7

Kareem Jackson: 2/4 and a Pass Deflection

Jason Allen: 1/1

Brice McCain: 0/2 with a Pass Deflection

Glover Quin: 1/1 gave up a touchdown, 2 pass deflections

Brian Cushing: 1/1

Darryl Sharpton: 1/1

DeMeco Ryans: 0/1

Defensive Snap Counts: 52 Total

Shaun Cody:16

Earl Mitchell: 9

J.J. Watt: 52

Antonio Smith: 36

Tim Jamison: 16

Mario Williams: 45

Connor Barwin: 48

Brooks Reed: 7

Brian Cushing: 43

DeMeco Ryans: 51

Darryl Sharpton: 9

Johnathan Joesph: 52

Kareem Jackson: 34

Jason Allen: 18

Brice McCain: 27

Daneial Manning: 52

Glover Quin: 52

Troy Nolan: 10

Defensive Packages:

Base 3-4: 24

Nickle: 19


Short Yardage: 0

Nickle (2 Linebackers, 5 defensive backs)LBs: Cushing, Ryans, CBs: Joseph, Allen/Jackson, McCain, S: Manning, Quin

Dime (1 linebacker, 6 defensive backs) LB:Cushing/Ryans, CBs:Joseph, Allen/Jackson, McCain, S: Manning, Quin, Nolan

Is there anything else you would like to see added to the analysis? We are trying to fine tune it before the 2012 season starts so we can cover everything the fans want. Please let us know!

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