Texans Will Fuller Wants to "Put Fear" in Defensive Backs Hearts

Patrick D. Starr

It is no secret and even starting with Houston Texans wide receiver Will Fuller that his health has always been the biggest issue. What is not in question is when Fuller is on the field, the production speaks for itself. 

With Fuller on the field, the Texans offense is better, and Deshaun Watson's numbers show that. Watson's passing yards increase to 62.5 more yards with 1.1 more touchdowns with Fuller on the field. 

Head coach Bill O'Brien understands the importance of Fuller in the offense, and it showed in the Texans win over the Indianapolis Colts. 

"Will, he's just a really dynamic receiver," O'Brien explained. "I said it last night and just watching the tape here this morning, he's got really good speed, and he's a great route runner."

O'Brien continued, "Just being healthy and being able to be out there, Will is going to make plays because he can run, he's improved his hands over the years."

Fuller made a sudden impact with his return catching seven passes for 140 yards. His presence alone opened up the passing game, and when he started stretching the field, the Colts struggled to contain him.

"Just trying to put fear in the DB heart," Fuller said of his game against the Colts. "Just running my route hard every chance I got. And, you know, when Deshaun throws me the ball, you know that trust really gets me going too. Just got to keep it going."

Watson was able to find Fuller for big gains of 51 and 44 yards to bring back an element of the Texans offense has been lacking since Fuller's hamstring injury. 

Fuller himself did not know what to expect on Thursday night with no real chance to test his hamstring this week. 

"We had our walkthrough," Fuller started. "So I really didn't get a chance to test my hamstring. I really don't know what to expect, but you know I'm happy I had a big game, and I helped this team win."

Fuller was planning to come back during the Texans' past two games from his injury. His hamstring did not respond as he wanted. Fuller made sure to continue his rehab with the team, and the Colts game made the most sense for him to make his return. 

Fuller's confidence continues to grow, and despite missing game, he has 41 receptions for 590 yards and three touchdowns. As Fuller puts it, when he gets going, he can see the defensive backs struggling to have an answer for him.

Fuller said with confidence, "You can just tell in their body language as the game goes on that they are a little scared."

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Im all for it. He adds a great balance playing opposite of Hopkins.