Texans' Will Fuller Was an O'Brien Favorite During the 2016 Draft Process According to the Titans Mike Vrabel

Patrick D. Starr

Throughout the tenure of head coach Bill O'Brien's time with the Houston Texans, there have been discussions on who is making the final choices on personnel. O'Brien had made it clear numerous times this season that his job with personnel is the same in 2019 as it was when he hired to be the head coach in 2014. 

During Wednesday's conference call with Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel, there was a question regarding wide receiver Will Fuller. When asked about Fuller's impact on the Texans offense, Vrabel started discussing Fuller but added an interesting tidbit regarding O'Brien's high regard for the Texans' current speedy receiver. 

"Just a dynamic speed player," Vrabel said of Fuller. "Vertical threat, but he can run."

Vrabel continued, "I remember when we were evaluating him, and Billy (Bill O'Brien) fell in love with this guy in the draft process. He said he could run the entire route tree, but he's also one of the faster players in the draft. So, he's not just a fast player that can take the top off of it. He can run the entire route tree in the offense."

During the 2016 off-season, O'Brien was looking to improve the wide receiver depth opposite DeAndre Hopkins with a speed player. He worked out Corey Coleman during Baylor's Pro Day, and on the draft day, they traded with the Washington Redskins one draft slot to pass up Josh Doctson to draft Fuller. 

It is just another sign that shows that O'Brien has had a heavy hand in personnel decisions even with former general manager Rick Smith was in the building. 

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