Thank You, Houston Texans

Patrick D. Starr


This is a simple post on the Houston Texans, a thank you note of some sort to a team that has helped mend wounds of the previous 9 years and bury all the ghost that have haunted the franchise and fans.

Thank You, Bob McNair for giving us a team and franchise after one was taken away from us in 1996. I know it has been tough, but to finally put a team on the field that the city of Houston can be proud of is great.

Thank you, Rick Smith, for developing a roster that has some of the best depth in the NFL. Many other NFL teams could have not withstand so many injuries, but this one did.

Thank You, Gary Kubiak, for keeping this team together despite all of the adversity the team has faced. Taking plenty of heat here in Houston, you have constantly stuck up for your players and shown why players respect you as a coach. It has to be a special feeling to be the Head Coach of your hometown, and bring a AFC South Crown back home.

Thank You, Wade Phillips, for turning this defense is to one of the best in the NFL. The job you have done will be one people will be talking about for a long time. Also, being able to come back to Houston and keep the legacy your father built, Houston football is back. You are a big part of this turnaround and the expectations you have brought to the players is what we have been missing.

Thank You, Bill Kollar, Rick Dennison, Joe Marciano, John Benton, Chick Harris, Reggie Herring, Vance Joseph, Larry Kirksey, Gregg Knapp, Brian Pariani, for being the best coaching staff the Texans franchise has ever had. Your ability to get the team ready to play is a sight to see every Sunday.

Thank You, Andre Johnson, in 2003 you were brought here in the draft and seen have some tough times here in Houston. If there is anyone who deserves this it is you. You had a chance to leave, but you wanted to stay in Houston. Now you have been rewarded for your hard work and dedication to the franchise.

Thank You, DeMeco Ryans, for being the "Captain" the heart and soul of this team. Despite your injury you have come back and defied the odds and helping lead this defense to places they have never been. With the adversity you have faced to get back on the field, you have set up the model for what this Texans team is all about.

Thank You, Matt Schuab, for coming to Houston and making us forget the previous #8. You have been the leader of the offense and gave the Texans a fighting chance before a real defense finally got here. It's a shame you broke your foot this season, but you leading the team during the lockout says big things about your leadership. Leading practices during the lockout speaks volumes about where this team was headed, and it started with you.

Thank You, Brian Cushing, for coming back from a terrible 2010 season and silencing your critics. The intensity you bring to the field every Sunday is unmatched and the defense feeds off of your play.

Thank You, Johnathan Joseph, for choosing Houston and giving us that one piece on defense we have never had, a shutdown corner back.

Thank You, T.J. Yates, for saving the 2011 season. Not much else can be said, but what you have done this past two weeks. It's amazing to see you lead this team to its first AFC South title.

You have a thank you? Leave it in the comments.

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