The Flipside: Rams Edition

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I, of all people, appreciate true fandom at it's core. Houston fans are furiously committed to analyzing and understanding their team to the fullest extent. That's never been more apparent than over the last four weeks as our fan base has been struggling with the almost unexplainable and most certainly inexcusable collapse of our team.

While we can't all come to terms on answers to the Texans' problems, I think we can all agree that sometimes in order to fully understand your own team, you've got to study (and laugh at) your opponents. So get a little closer to your enemies with The Flipside: Exploring opponents reactions to Texans' games with a little commentary by yours truly, of course.

This past Sunday, the Texans took on the St. Louis Rams and I use the phrase "took on" lightly. It was an absolute rout. Do you know how painful it is to type that in reference to a game against the Rams?I was already uneasy about calling a game against the Rams a make-or-break game for this team. I even predicted us to win handily. At the end of the day, I ended up with nothing but salt in my wounds... for the fourth week in a row. The reactions from Rams fans were equally as painful. They pulled no punches and the comments below, courtesy of Turf Show Times, provide you with the highlights (lowlights?) of the game.

Insult to Injury: Even Rams fans thought they had ZERO chance of winning.


Rare Brian Cushing late-hit penalty extends drive leading to Rams TD, 17-3.


Matt Schaub Taken Out of Game With Leg Injury After Sack (Part 1)


Matt Schaub Taken Out of Game With Leg Injury After Sack (Part 2)


Keshawn Martin Fumbles Leading to Rams Special Teams TD.


Careful What You Wish For, Houston. T.J. Yates Throws Pick 6; Extends Record.


Rams Recap: Sometimes Things Are Hard To Understand

"The most intriguing aspects of this game is how the Rams have a little more than half the total offense of Houston, but have 38 points? Bradford has a 134 QB rating, with 117 passing yards? He hit 9 different receivers, with none of them getting more than 2 targets each?

Sam Bradford threw the ball just 16 times, but looked in complete control and miles above both Matt Schaub and T.J. Yates.

Zac Stacy ran for nearly 80 yards on 14 carries and will get much of the credit for setting the tone for the Rams. Arian Foster gained 141 yards on 20 carries and in reality had much less impact on the game.

Andre Johnson had 88 yards on seven catches. The Rams' top receiver was Jared Cook with 45 yards on a pair of receptions.

The Rams, true to form, racked up nine penalties for for 74 yards lost. The Texans kept pace with seven for 95.

The Texans looked confused, sloppy, and behind their four turnovers, outmatched." -Joe McAtee, Turf Show Times

Post-Game Trash Talk: The Texans are making guys like this credible...

The one-month Slushie Drought is too much for this fan:

In short, I know we'd all like to forget that this week happened but we have truly hit this year's rock bottom (knock on wood). The only silver lining to Sunday's game was Arian Foster returning to form. If anything got me excited on Sunday, it was Foster picking up his longest runs of the season thus far. Unfortunately, it seems that when one thing is going right for the Texans, about 50 other things are going horribly wrong. The offense as a whole was absolutely nonexistent. A single touchdown against the Rams. The RAMS. I suppose at least for once in the last four weeks you can't point the finger at Matt Schaub. Only the Texans can completely dominate the numbers game against their last four opponents and find ways to lose. Although, it's not really a secret how it's happening: Turnovers and penalties. And then more penalties.

Bottom line is that the Texans need to win against the Kansas City Chiefs next week at Arrowhead. For obvious reasons. But if only to build their confidence back up and to go into the bye week hungry. If they can do that, they head into the pivotal week 9 division match-up against the Indianapolis Colts at Reliant on a high with two week's rest and preparation. The week 9 match-up becomes even more crucial if the Colts lose to the Broncos next week; a high probability. But, I digress. With Matt Schaub questionable to start against the Chiefs and the Texans looking like they might run a (backup) QB committee against a devastating Kansas City defense... a girl can dream, right?

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