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The Good, Bad, and The Ugly: Panthers Edition


In this series we will give a breakdown of the game with stats, commentary, and updates.

The Texans traveled to Carolina to take on the Panthers. The Texans started the game off on defense and forced Cam Newton and the Panthers on two consecutive three and out possessions. The Texans went on offense moved the ball, but unfortunately only scored a field goal. The Texans went on to win the game 26- 13. Here is the breakdown and commentary.

Final Score: Texans 26 Panthers 13

Texans Preseason Record: 1-0

Texans Game Summary:

Total Yards: 375

Pass Yards: 201

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Rush Yards: 174

T.O.P.: 37:41



The Texans defense showed no signs of regression, they came out hard, and fast against the Panthers offense and forced them into two consecutive three and outs possessions. The most impressive part about this defense is that they showed great pressure and cohesion even without two of their best players out of the lineup in J.J. Watt and Brian Cushing. The Texans have improved their interior rush defense, they showed the ability to remain stout against those interior rushes that gashed them last season from time to time. The single biggest surprise for me was the ascension of Kareem Jackson. He showed much improved ball skills and route recognition by breaking hard on two balls intended for opposing receivers. I was excited and impressed with his play, I just hope that it continues and he becomes a more complete cornerback.


The Texans red zone possessions were very lack luster. The Texans were in the red zone 5 times and came away with only two touchdowns. This will have to be addressed during the preseason in order to keep it from happening in the regular season. I am not the conspiracy theory guy, but the fact that they were so vanilla in the red zone could have been an attempt to create more kicking opportunities.


After the performance that the defense put on yesterday it’s hard to complain, but one single player stood out. Alan Ball didn’t have a good game and he was picked on time and time again by the Panthers quarterback. He allowed Seyi Ajirotutu to expose his lack of ball skills and route recognition. He seemed to play too far off of the receiver and allowed the receiver to create space between them. There were too many times where he allowed the receiver to get behind him which is like sounding an alarm to the quarterback.

Shaun Cody left the game and it was determined later by head coach Gary Kubiak that Cody was dealing with a back injury.