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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Packers Edition

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The reeling Green Bay Packers invaded Reliant Stadium after losing a close ball game to the Indianapolis Colts. The Packers, in a must win situation to keep from becoming a 2-4 ball club, came into the game looking to rebound from a loss and make a statement. The Texans did very little to stop that from happening and even facilitated the win. Aaron Rodgers was surgical in how he sliced up the Texans secondary and with a lack of pass rush from the Texans front seven, it was inevitable that the Texans were in for a loss.

FINAL SCORE: Packers 42 Texans 24






Texans Total Yards: 321

Packers Total Yards: 427

Texans Passing Yards: 231

Packers Passing Yards: 328

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Texans Rushing Yards: 90

Packers Rushing Yards: 99

Texans TOP: 32:01

Packers TOP: 27:59



The Texans don’t have the pressure of trying to run the table and go 16-0, but they can now readjust their sights to going 15-1. The Texans had a great special teams play that allowed them to recover the ball in the endzone for a touchdown. The Texans kicker Shayne Graham didn’t miss an extra point attempt or a field goal to put points on the board. Andre Johnson, the Texans Pro Bowler and future Hall of Famer, surpassed the 10,000 yards receiving threshold. Keshawn Martin proved to be a serviceable replacement for Trindon Holliday as he had four returns. Martin averaged 21 yards per kickoff return on three attempts, while he averaged 19 yards on one punt return attempt.


Where do I start? The Texans had no pass rush outside of what JJ Watt provided. The Texans couldn’t stop the pass and the Texans were ineffective against the Packers' rushing attack. The Texans were outcoached, unprepared, flat, stagnant, and simply got steam rolled by the Packers. Watt was the only person getting any type of pressure, but at times they loaded the side he was on to counter his pass rush. The worst part of that was that no other defensive player on the field could take advantage of the attention that the Packers gave to Watt. Penalties may have been one of the greater deficits that the Texans had. When the Texans got a stop, they shot themselves in the foot by committing bad penalties that showed a lack of focus and discipline. Needless to say, Rodgers wasted no time capitalizing on those mental mistakes.


Matt Schaub and the offense didn’t find any simulation of a rushing attack. The Packers completely shut down Arian Foster and the Texans pedestrian running game. The 90 yards accumulated by the Texans was a fluke, a large majority of it was picked up in the fourth quarter when the game was already decided. Schaub had probably his worst game of the season as he was sacked 3 times, made bad decisions, looked confused and out of sync at times. The Packers had him unbalanced the entire game and he never found a rhythm. At this point of the season, I am beginning to concede to the fact that the Texans are not good against the run. They are serviceable when they have the lead and they can slow the run, but they aren’t shutting anybody out unless they find a way to plug up the holes in the A and B gaps.

*Injury Notes: LG Antoine Caldwell left the game with a concussion and DE Tim Jamison has been lost for the season with an Achilles injury.

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