The Houston Texans Prove to Be the Right Place For Gareon Conley's New Start

Patrick D. Starr

It has been over two weeks since the Houston Texans made a move to land cornerback Gareon Conley from the Oakland Raiders. Conley finally has time to decompress from the trade and adjust to his new home in Houston. 

"Pack up, they tell you to move your life in one day," Conley said when he found out of the trade. "Just got to find a way to get stuff done."

"Stuff just hits you right then and there," Conley said of the trade. "So, it is all about being able to adjust. I mean, I feel like that's what comes with a football player because everything is not going to go your way. You just got to be able to just respond to everything."

Still attempting to find a place to live in Houston, Conley finally has time to get a break from a whirlwind two weeks since being traded from the Oakland Raiders. Conley admitted the change in coaching staff changed things, but his confidence in his ability never faltered. 

"I don't feel like my confidence as a player ever wavered," Conley said of his time in Oakland. "I mean mentally it kind of messes you up a little bit, and you don't know." 

The transition for Conley has been relatively as smooth as possible with people inside the building that gave him a stamp of approval as a man and player. 

Both special teams coordinator Brad Seely and outside linebacker coach John Pagano spent time with Conley in Oakland when he was a rookie. The two coaches spoke highly of a rookie that impressed them during the predraft process, his work ethic, and overall athletic ability as a player. 

Seely said of Conley, "He's one of those guys that was easy to say hey this guy you'd like to have on your team." 

"I feel good about it," Seely said of his approval of Conley. "You know because I think he's living up to what I thought you could be, you know I think he's going to be a good player for the Texans for a long time."

Add in a good friend and former teammate from Ohio State Bradley Roby. Conley placed the first phone call to Roby to let him know that the Texans had made a deal for him. 

Roby has stayed close with Conley, and the two have worked out together every off-season since they have been together at Ohio State. 

"I was happy," Roby said of the Texans trading for Conley. "I saw that as a blessing. You know, because the secondary is all about having relationships with the guys. You know off the field, and that bond you share is going to translate to success on the field."

Conley took notice of having others vouch for him and is grateful for having familiar faces inside the building. 

"Just having familiar faces is always good," Conley said of arriving in Houston. "You never come in just not knowing anybody is hard, but knowing people who have people behind you. I feel like the team in general. Everybody has welcomed me."

The play of Conley through two games for the Texans has been solid, and he has helped make a difference. Roby is not surprised by the play of Conley. 

"I expect that," Roby explained. "You know that's the standard we set at The Ohio State that we are the best. I expect him to play like that. He better play like that."

Head coach Bill O'Brien likes Conley and more importantly thinks his best football is still in front of him. 

'He's still young player," O'Brien said of Conley. "I think he's, you know 24 years old and he's under contract for another couple years. so I think we still got a young player there that's developing and still improving."

Continuing to take the situation in stride, Conley understands the NFL is a business. He knows the Raiders felt like he did not fit anymore, but at the same time, Conley knows the Texans feel he can be part of the present and future of the team. 

"I mean it's crazy," Conley said of the process. "I mean, but it is business. That's all it is around the league. It is a business, so you got to take that approach. Don't take anything personally. Just keep your head forward and just keep pushing."

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