The Houston Texans Trio of DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, and Kenny Stills Has the Patriots Attention Because "They Ruin Games"

Patrick D. Starr

In a game with plenty of intrigues, the New England Patriots have made it clear that the explosive potential of the Houston Texans offense has their attention. Led by quarterback Deshaun Watson and wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, all eyes are on the duo with their playmaking ability. 

Veteran Patriots safety Devin McCourty when asked about the Texans offense and what the bring made sure to recognize what both Will Fuller and Kenny Stills bring to the table too. 

 "These guys are that good," McCourty explained. "You watch these guys. They ruin games. like they can literally take over game 180-200 yards receiving."

McCourty understands the Patriots defense has more than just Hopkins to contend with in the passing game on Sunday.

"You look at Kenny stills he's been a one or two on multiple teams he's been on in his career and Will Fuller and very similar you know is a guy," McCourty said of the Texans wide receiver. "Now, as each year he's in the league is running more and more routes. I think early on, everyone knew that he could go deep, but you even saw against Indy towards the end of the game he runs it out route kind of seals the game for him and a four-minute offense. 

The familiarity of Stills and the Patriots go back to the past couple of seasons when he was with the Dolphins. Stills' play with the Dolphins earned the respect of the McCourty, and he is well aware of how he impacts the Texans' offense.

Kenny Stills
Kenny Stills Kelvin Kuo-USA Today

"I think this year you got also throw in there with Stills," McCourty continued. "Stills was a guy - we played a lot being a Miami. I think having both those guys gives you automatic deep threats, but I think their ability to get open. Hopkins gets so much attention, which I mean you have to give him a lot of attention, and those two guys are two really good receivers."

The Texans trio at wide receiver has accounted for 63% of the receiving yards from the arm of Watson this season through eleven games. That included ten receiving touchdowns also while averaging 12.3 yards a reception.

"I think it's something we got to be aware of," McCourty continued. "Hopkins is the guy, but they have two other guys that they really can look to go to, and you know those got to have it moments. In a critical situation, so those guys have made big plays in this league. I think it just gives them another element to their offense. Whether it's down the field or got to have a play, it's just more you have to cover."

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