The Lack of Consistency Shows Up At The Wrong Time For Bill O'Brien's Texans

Patrick D. Starr

Houston- When the final second ticked off the clock, the Houston Texans walked off the field, losing a game against the Denver Broncos many thought they would in on Sunday. The Texans lost to the Broncos 38-24 and were down 38-3 in the third quarter, proving too much to overcome. 

The Texans' loss comes on the heels of an impressive win against the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football that surprised many with the outcome. 

Despite the impressive win, the Texans showed up on Sunday with a lack of focus and energy. Without those two things, the Texans paid for it in the end, and the lack of consistency for the Texans during the tenure for Bill O'Brien reared it's ugly head once again. 

"Yeah, no doubt," O'Brien said of the Texans issues. "We're not consistent."

The Texans have had an up and down 2019 season. Throughout their schedule highlighted with two wins and a loss and have had not more than a two-game win streak the entire year. 

O' Brien continued, "I feel like we have a ton of consistent people on the coaching staff and on the team, but we don't play consistently."

With four different two-game win streaks on the season, the Texans have not been able to string together more wins than that. The Texans have had critical losses to the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. They could not step up to the competition against the Indianapolis Colts or the Baltimore Ravens on the road. 

"We have more wins and losses this year," O'Brien said of the Texans' record. "But I think that's a fair criticism of this team. That's a reflection of the head coach. We've got to get the team to play more consistently."

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