The Most Frustrating Texans in 2011

Patrick D. Starr

The Houston Texans are at the crossroads of their season and the dubious most important game tag is coming out for this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. There is no doubt that the Texans have some solid talent on their roster, but consistency is the key to be successful in the NFL, which the Texans lack.

Eric Winson anchor's Ron's offensive line.
Eric Winson anchor's Ron's offensive line.

The Texans collectively as a whole need to step their game up, but if a handful of Texans decide to step their game up it would make fans breathe easier. If they decide to step up it would bring more wins and a much-needed boost to Houston football morale.

Here is a quick list of the most frustrating Texans so far in 2011.

1. Jacoby Jones- I think what makes Jones so frustrating is the fact he goes from being non existent for the Texans in Week 2-5 and against the Ravens he beats Pro-Bowl safety Ed Reed for a deep touchdown. His pedigree is not the question, but why he disappears and looks like he has no clue to how to run a route. If it is coaching or concentration Jones is in an important position for the Texans offense, and if he is more cold than hot it feels like the Texans are playing with 10 players on offense.

2. Matt Schaub- It isn't apparent if his accumulated hits are talking a toll on his body, but Schaub is at a career low completion percentage of 59.2. Schaub for his career completes over 64% of his passes, so something is not right. Also, Schaub has been in positions to get the Texans one maybe two late comeback victories, but he has failed to answer the bell. Schaub is the key to this offense and if he can't get defenders out of the box from stopping the run, expect the offense to continue to struggle until he corrects himself.

3. Another Corner not named Joseph- If it is Jason Allen, Kareem Jackson, Brice McCain or Sherrick McManis someone needs to step up and slow down the other half of the field in the passing game. Allen and Jackson have been one in the same, not very good. There has to be someone who wants the job, but the revolving door is not helping the matters. Consistency is important and the defense needs to address this issue, if not expect big days for opposing quarterback through the air.

4. Eric Winston- If it is not a false start, a holding penalty, a sack given up or his assignment blow, Winston has been the weak link in the chain of the Texans offensive line. He may be a big reason for Schaub's happy feet and that is not needed from a so-called top right tackle in the league. If he can stabilize the right side of the line, expect the Texans to look to run behind him once again in key situations.

5. Arian Foster- If it is his quad or hamstring, Foster lacks the same burst he had in 2010. Instead of using his one cut running style that has made him perfect for this offense, he has lost his vision and started dancing in the backfield before making his initial cut. More than ever do the Texans need to rely on Foster's running ability, but he needs to find that magic once again. Foster can open up defenses, but he needs to find whatever that made him successful in his great 2010 campaign.

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