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The POGs: Seahawks Edition

Welcome back, Texan faithful. I surely hope you have all recovered from yet another heart attack (and unfortunate heartbreak) that we received by our beloved Texans. This week's write up features my favorite three Texans who shined some light on a dark day in Houston.

Houston Texans Offensive POG: Owen Daniels

Much like Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels had a great day catching the ball. While Johnson had more yards, the tight ends on this year's Texans team are the life blood of the passing game. I pick Daniels as the OPOG not only for his incredible diving 21 yard catch on the sideline and solid receiving game, but for speaking his mind on the teams play at the end of the game. Daniels verbally displayed his frustration on the loss and suggested that the Texans run the ball more. This means less catches for Daniels but shows that he is willing to do what it takes to win.

Houston Texans Defensive POG: Whitney Mercilus

With 2.5 sacks in the game and 3.5 on the season, Mercilus is tied with J.J Watt for the most sacks on the Texans Defense. Having missed the entire preseason, Mercilus went unseen by the fans and gave us no clue as to what he would be capable of as a full time starter. With 3.5 sacks in only four games, it's looking like Mercilus will easily beat his 6 sacks of last season and hallelujah, the Texans have some edge rush. 

Houston Texans Special Teams POG: Shane Lechler

Now I know it seems like this is becoming a theme, but come on. This is easily one of the best players on the team. Late in the game, the offense wasn't doing a single thing to help us win. On a key late game punt, Lechler hung the ball in the air so long that Seattle punt returner Golden Tate had no choice but to take it from his own end zone. As punt coverage broke down and tackles were missed, Lechler took matters into his own hands and made the tackle himself. I never want our pro bowl punter making tackles but that was a real man play on a suspect Special Teams.

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Let's hope we see the Texans from the first half of Sunday's game for 60 minutes against the 49ers this Sunday night!