The Texans Need More Edge

Patrick D. Starr

If you think about it, there are now only a handful of Texans' players that could possibly fit the mold we are talking about, that bad guy, but in a good way. The player that plays with the reckless abandon and doesn't care what the other team or his teammates think. The guy that might seem a little bit crazy on the football field, the one that gives an identity to a football team.

Take a look at the Texans we think are the heels of the team.

Current Texans That Fit the Mold

Kareem Jackson

Kareem brought his A game in 2012 and was the most physical player from the secondary. He was not scared to be physical and was not worried about his pockets becoming lighter with his big hits this season. Jackson has learned how to play and has become a vital piece to the Texans' defensive future.

Brian Cushing

The spark plug of the defense, Cushing brings another dimension to the field. Nevermind, just take a look.

J.J. Watt

The guy who seems to have taken the torch with Cushing out, Watt plays the game right. He may be the nicest bad guy in the league. He has that edge and is not scared of any challenge on the field. 

Andre Johnson

Quiet but don't push him. When Johnson talks, people should listen. 

Johnathan Joseph makes up one side of Pat's corner-back tandem
Johnathan Joseph, #24

Johnathan Joseph

Don't hesitate to watch Joseph at the end of plays, he is not scared to mix it up with anyone on the play. He added a new attitude to the secondary which is fun to watch. He has taught Kareem Jackson well and helped him with his confidence and made the two into one of the better cornerback tandems in the NFL. 

Antonio Smith

Smith has some nasty to him and is also not scared to mix it up, the Ninja Assassin has become a fan favorite. His undisciplined play can hurt the team at times, but he is able to correct himself when needed. He gives the defense another attitude player that can push the limits when needed. 

Duane Brown

One of the best left tackles in the game, he fractured James Harrison's orbital bone in a 2011 game versus the Steelers. Also, they said he played a little rough on the sidelines too. That doesn't matter, he is a physical player that is one of the best. 

Past Texans That Fit the Mold

Bernard Pollard

Signed off the scrap heap in 2009 to help a struggling safety position, Pollard was an instant hit with his hard-hitting from the secondary. He was asked to do different things in 2010 which exposed him in coverage and put him in bad graces when Wade Phillips came to town in 2011. Pollard has flourished in Baltimore with Ed Reed behind him, and was used to his strength roaming close to the line of scrimmage, playing physical. 

Vonta Leach

Make no mistake what Vonta Leach meant to the Texans' run game but more as the enforcer for the offense, and he even chipped in on special teams. Leach gave the no non-sense attitude on the field and won over Texans fans with his play. 

Lawrence Vickers

Another fullback that brought that attitude to the field and he was not scared to mix it up at anytime. He filled the void as well as he could when Leach left in 2011, but Vickers was under appreciated for his role he played for the 2011 team. A veteran who liked to play physical. 

Dunta Robinson

A rising star before a knee injury slowed him down, Robinson was what the Texans needed in a cornerback. His demeanor of challenging teams to throw his way and making plays when it counted make Robinson a key piece of the defense in it's lean seasons.

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