Tim Kelly working to help the Texans offense to make the jump in 2020

Pavithr Goli

Texans' offensive coordinator Tim Kelly is heading into his second year managing the offense for the Texans. This upcoming season, Kelly will transition into playing a bigger role on the offensive side of the ball as this year he will take full control of calling plays as last season Bill O'Brien assisted Kelly with calling plays. 

The "Kelly and O'Brien" offense from last season was somewhat successful and represented a significant jump in the offense from the 2018 NFL Season. 

Last season, the Texans put up substantial passing numbers with 3,783 passing yards and 27 passing touchdowns, coming in as 13th in the league. The overall passer rating for all Texans quarterbacks was 95.3, which ranked 10th among all the teams. 

A big surprise on the Texans' offense last season was their strong rushing offense. 

The Texans registered a top 10 running offense with 2009 rushing yards (ranking 9th in the league), 4.6 yards per attempt (10th best in the league), and 125.6 rushing yards per game (9th best). 

The most telling statistic of how successful both the passing and rushing offense was the expected points contributed by the offense. This statistic is indicative of how potent a team's offense is and is used to determine whether the offense has a positive (or negative) impact on the team's outcome in a game. 

The Texans ranked 6th best in the league in this statistic with 121.67 expected points, ranking just below the Saints and the 49ers, showing that they were one of the best offenses in the league and the offense was instrumental towards the success of the Texans. 

Kelly's strong coaching and his offense's production last year has made him even more optimistic for the upcoming season. 

"I think any time you take the field with multiple weapons," Kelly explained. "Multiple guys who can hurt a defense at a variety of different levels not just necessarily deep, short or intermediate but be able to threaten every aspect of the field is a good thing."

He continued, "So as far as being able to attack the defenses and really as each opponent presents its own issue, being able to take advantage of different matchups throughout the entire field and not necessarily one player, it's an encouraging thing."

Kelly also thinks the offensive additions the Texans made in the offseason will positively contribute to the team. The Texans added veteran presences in Randall Cobb, Brandin Cooks, and David Johnson to the offense. 

"I think when you look at the people that we have in our offensive unit room right now," Kelly said of the new additions. "You've got a lot of explosive players there for us, guys that have unique skillsets, guys that are experienced and guys that have produced at a high level in this league."

He further believes that the unity of this team and its essential chemistry has been instrumental in the offense's development. 

"It's an exciting thing to be able to sit back and watch those guys come together throughout this virtual offseason and learn the offense and kind of come together as one unit."

He feels completely confident in his pieces and understands the high level of talent on the offensive side of the team right now. 

"Again, we've got a great quarterback," Kelly said of the offense. "A guy who's going to be able to distribute the ball and again get the ball to the guys that are winning, and we've got guys who have won consistently for a long time scattered throughout that room."

 Kelly continued, "You look at Brandin (Cooks), you look at Randall (Cobb), you look at Will (Fuller V) and Kenny (Stills) obviously with the production they had last year, Keke (Coutee) and DeAndre Carter, Steven Mitchell (Jr.) made some big plays." 

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