Titans Mike Vrabel Admits He Learned From Texans Deshaun Watson In the Year They Spent Together In Houston

Patrick D. Starr

Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel only spent one season with Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson in Houston during 2017. Vrabel left for the Titans for the 2018 season to become their head coach, but the Texans quarterback left a strong impression on him. 

Meeting with the media on Wednesday, asked about Watson. Vrabel spoke highly of the Texans quarterback, starting with who Watson was as a person before a football player. 

Vrabel was inside the building when Watson gave his first-ever NFL game check to workers inside the Texans' facility, helping them recover from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in August of that year. 

"I think I can just really just touch on his character," Vrabel started on Watson. "The way that he was brought up, I think that you come across people in life that are special that make an impact on other people. I would say that the Deshaun is one of those people, for being as young as he is. I know that I learned things from him."

Vrabel continued on Watson and his impact on the football field. 

"But then also how talented he is, you know, the journey is never over, he's always going to try to make a play. He believes, and he knows that if he has the ball in his hand that you know something good is going to happen."

Watson has had much success against the Titans in his three starts against them. Watson has thrown for 803 yards while completing 73.3% of his passes for eight touchdowns and two interceptions while rushing for 138 yards and two touchdowns.

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