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With rookies reporting to training camp in 5 days, the Houston Texans are working hard to bring in their last two unsigned rookie 3rd round draft picks, DeVier Posey (68th overall) and Brandon Brooks (76th overall). The other Texans rookies are all signed and ready to go for camp, but if there were any two that don't need to take it to the last hour it would be both Posey and Brooks.

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It seems like this is a league wide issue when it comes to 3rd round picks.'s Brian McIntyre said this.

There are 14 unsigned picks from the third round, a large number considering that signing bonuses are slotted. Teams and agents are haggling over increased guarantee amounts and larger base salaries in "Years Two through Four" of the contract. According to a source with access to rookie contract data, of the 18 third-round picks to sign contracts, 15 are due to receive a larger base salary or workout bonuses in a future year of the contract.

Reading this, contracts are coming down to the penny, especially after the first year of the contract and this is the category Posey and Brooks fall into. The new CBA puts a slotting system in place and, looking at the completed contracts from the 3rd round, we can get a good idea what the contracts of the two rookies will be.

Breakdown of Released Contracts (3rd Round):

The Second Round (62nd overall) pick, Casey Hayward, signed with the Packers for 4 years, $3.3 million with $1.4 million guaranteed.

Picks #63-68 are not signed.

#68 is DeVier Posey

DeVier Posey

Pick #69 Wide Receiver, T.J. Graham just signed for the Buffalo Bills but terms were not disclosed.

Picks #70-72 are not signed.

Picks #73- 75 are signed

#76 is Brandon Brooks

#77 Linebacker, DeMario Davis signed with the New York Jets, 4 years, $2.8 million.

With the slotting set with some contracts released, and using Hayward and Davis' contracts as guides, it is safe to guess contract numbers of the picks between the two known deals, and we can put together where Posey and Brooks' contract will end up. The separation from picks #63-#76 will be around $35,714.00, the lower players are picked into the rounds the less each pick will get. It will be number crunching for the GMs and their financial gurus, but it looks like the numbers are in place. We can't determine the yearly breakdowns or bonuses, but we can predict the total of the contracts.

DeVier Posey will be getting a deal in the ballpark of 4 years for $3,085,000 million (educated guess)

Brandon Brooks will be getting a deal in the ballpark of 4 years for $2,835,000 million. (educated guess)

The contract negotiation hangups will come with how the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of the contracts will be paid out. It is all about guaranteed money and bigger payouts for the player and more importantly for their agents. When the deals will be done are another question.

The only other financial numbers released are the following (3rd Round):

#81 Defensive End, Tyrone Crawford signed with the Dallas Cowboys, 4 years, Bonus of $575,252

#82 Defensive Tackle, Mike Martin signed with the Tennessee Titans, 4 years $2.72 million.

#92 Wide Receiver, T.Y. Hilton signed with the Indianapolis Colts, 4 years, $2.642 million.

#94 Defensive Back, Jayron Hosley signed with the New York Giants, 4 years, Bonus of $515,000.

12 players remain to be signed from the third round, all other picks not mentioned above have signed 4 year deals, but terms were not disclosed.

We know we are dealing with contracts and professionals' pocket books, but Brooks and Posey cannot afford to miss any time when it comes to camp. Both are in position to be an important piece of the Texans during the 2012 season, but they are playing with fire by not getting their deals done. I would expect deals to be stuck before rookies report on July 22nd, and mostly because the rookie slotting will help the process.

Houston Rookies Deals:

Whitney Mercilus, 4 year deal, $7.635 million, $6.55 guranteed, $3.99 signing bonus

Ben Jones, 4 year deal, $2.581 million, $481,448 signing bonus

Keshawn Martin, 4 year deal, $2.512 million, $412,560 signing bonus

Jared Crick, 4 year deal, $2.491 million, $391,500 signing bonus

Randy Bullock, 4 year deal, $2.278 million, $178,108 signing bonus

Nick Mondek, 4 year deal, $2.197 million, $97,432 signing bonus.

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