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'Troubling,' Says Texans GM Of Deshaun Watson Allegations

Houston Texans general manager Nick Caserio has addressed the ongoing allegations against quarterback Deshaun Watson, which he described as 'troubling' on Tuesday.

To date, the Houston Texans have been hesitant to comment on the ongoing civil lawsuits surrounding quarterback Deshaun Watson, and alleged incidents of sexual assault. However, speaking Tuesday on the Texans All Access Podcast, general manager Nick Caserio acknowledged the ongoing investigations, wanted to reaffirm the organization's stance on the matter, and termed the accusations "certainly troubling.''

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"We're certainly cognizant and aware," said Caserio, via the transcription from ESPN's Sarah Barshop. "We made a statement at the beginning about where the organization stood. I would say it's a legal situation, it's a legal process, so we're certainly respectful of that."

"We certainly take them very seriously. The allegations, what's been discussed, are certainly troubling. And organizationally that's not something that we can condone, that we condone, those types of actions."

Caserio's comments essentially mirrored the organization's previous statement regarding the lawsuits.

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These comments come just one day after an in-depth article with an alleged victim of Watson's was published by SI. The exposé delves into the graphic details of one massage therapist's experience with Watson in 2019, shedding yet more light on the increasingly disturbing allegations piling up on the quarterback. 

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With 20 cases already in place and at least one more potentially on the way if the aforementioned victim presses charges, Watson's NFL career is, to some, in limbo. For instance, in the view of Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, an NFL suspension is highly likely regardless of the outcome of the current suits. 

Meanwhile, following Caserio's comments on 'not condoning' such actions as are being alleged, the team could try to distance itself from the situation ... or accelerate its willingness to grant him access to his desired trade. ... assuming there remain an array of suitors.

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