Urban Meyer: What Do Jags Know That Texans Don't?

The Houston Texans & Coach Urban Meyer? Why Isn't It Happening? The Franchise Has Created A 'Profile' - And He Doesn't Fit
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Maybe, deep, deep down, the Houston Texans have discovered a truth about Urban Meyer. And maybe it's the same truth the University of Texas recently discovered.

Urban Meyer is a "football flirt.''

Or, maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars simply know more about Meyer than all the programs in Texas.

Amid reports indicating that an assortment of NFL teams in search of their next coach have reached out to the agents for college coaches, the Texans, according to the respected John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, are not among the "reachers.''

And why not? Because according to McClaim, Houston has no interest in a college coach, instead planning to hire Bill O’Brien’s replacement from within the ranks of the NFL and with an NFL background.

That would rule out some of the more recognizable names who are big men on campus, including Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald and University of Minnesota coach P.J. Fleck. And, of course, it would rule out Meyer, who is "retired'' and working in television for the last couple of years.

Meanwhile, our friend Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Jacksonville Jaguars are about ready to dump coach Doug Marrone while eyeing - you guessed it - Urban Meyer as his replacement.

It can be argued that there is something short-sighted on the Texans part by taking the position that a college guy cannot be the right guy - but we will work on the assumption that such a conclusion is the result of research rather than quick dismissal. 

But we wonder, additionally, if when teams dig into Meyer, they come to realize that he might just enjoy the attention that comes from being courted more than he actually desires a return to the grind.

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The University of Texas found out some realities about Meyer in their courtship with him. Maybe that says plenty here.

So Houston moves on, searching for a GM and also with NFL coordinators on their list of coach candidates, and with interviews already having begun with former head coaches Jim Caldwell and Marvin Lewis.

Meanwhile, Jacksonville ponders moving on from Marrone, and if the Jags somehow do get beyond the "flirtation stage'' with Urban Meyer, the Texans might end up kicking themselves ... because Meyer might kick around the Texans twice a year in the AFC South.