Vernon Hargreaves III: "It Feels Good To Be Wanted" By The Houston Texans

Patrick D. Starr

When the Houston Texans claimed cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III off of waivers, they had a clear vision on how they wanted to deploy him in their defense. Wanting to leave Hargreaves past in Tampa Bay, the Texans wanted to give the young cornerback a new start to help him reach his potential. 

Inserted into the nickel position in the Texans defense, Hargreaves has brought a new element to the position. Having a tough task on Sunday night trying to corral Julian Edelman, Hargreaves held his own. 

Knowing he has plenty to work on in his game, Hargreaves is fortunate for his chance to play in Houston. 

"It's been great," Hargreaves said of his arrival to the Texans. "I mean the guys around here there, I can't even speak on, they're great. As soon as I got here, they treated me like they knew me. I'm saying for years, and it was great. I appreciate it."

Since arriving to the Texans, Hargreaves mentioned he has not played on a winning team since his rookie season in Tampa Bay. Now in the thick of a playoff hunt, Hargreaves is happy to be playing meaningful football and, most importantly, to be wanted again by a coaching staff and organization. 

"It feels good to be wanted," Hargreaves said of the Texans' organization. "You know they treat me great. They want me here. Every day somebody is telling me glad you're here. Glad you're here. First, I thought you know maybe they were just saying it to be nice, but you know they're good people here. They want me here, and I'm going to keep playing hard, and like I said, we got bigger goals ahead, and we're going to keep on pushing."

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