With the New England Patriots coming to town for Sunday Night Football, the Houston Texans are set to play one of their most significant issues in attempting to make their mark in the AFC. The Texans are all-time 1-8 versus the Patriots during the regular season and 0-2 in the postseason with their only regular-season win coming in 2010. 

The Patriots have owned the Texans during the Bill O'Brien era going 0-5 with their last two losses only separated by a possession. The Texans just have not been able to close out games against the Patriots over their past two matchups despite being in the position to win. 

Outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus has been in the position multiple times in what appeared to be a win but ultimately with the Texans coming up short.

"We've had some, some close bouts," Mercilus explained. "In '16, when we're down at in down at their stadium, was there like two-three years ago something like that. So, the thing is, we've got to be clutch in really tight moments and stuff like that. With the talent and we've got to play consistent, so we just understand going into this game where we have to do."

Built much like the Patriots' mentality, both teams work hard to minimize their own mistakes forcing the opposing teams to falter. Mercilus knows this is the Patriots' plan once again going into Sunday night, and it is going to take a full team effort to come out with a win. 

"Well, the thing it's not about them," Mercilus continued, "It's just about us, and so they just let the other team make the mistakes, and they just capitalize on that. We just understand we got to take care of the football. We got to try to take away the football from them, and we got to play great on special teams."

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