What Houston Texans Fans Won't Admit: The Rebuttal

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Today was going to be a day where I was going to sit back and relax but something was released today that called me to the computer. I try to be welcoming of all the bloggers out there that cover the Houston Texans but once again the AFC South blogger for Bleacher Report  put out quality material pertaining to the Texans and even choice words for the fan base. The longtime Indianapolis Colts fan and blogger is now covering the Texans and has some choice ideas for the Texans fan base and vision of their team.

I don't doubt that the blogger said above is a great guy and I could easily drink a beer with him and talk football, but the blog posted on B/R is nothing more that getting reads and the Texans fan base fired up. Lets take a look at some of the choice comments from the article.

I feel for Texans fans, because while they are blessed with a few good writers, in all, coverage of the Texans is woeful. It is harder to find good Texans coverage than any of the other teams in the division.

Texans coverage is NOT up to par for who? If you don't know, there are plenty of Texans minds out there that "DO" provide quality posts about the Texans. Don't believe me?

Battle Red Blog

Alan Burge, Examiner

Steph Stradley

Houston Diehards

There are plenty of resources Texans fans can go to find their news or just read blogs by Big Ron, Mike Kerns, Lance Zeirlein or just go to Houston Texans homepage, it is all there. Heck, go look on Twitter. It is like a running blog of ideas on the Texans which can be just as good or even better than actually blogging sites. There are plenty of great minds and realistic thoughts on the team. I may have missed some but there are some informative bloggers and sites who do cover the Texans (list below if I have missed anyone).

Still, in my dealings with Texans fans, I've found them to be oversensitive to any criticism of the team. Fans always bristle when a writer questions some aspect of their club but the Texans fans, in particular, find slights where none are intended.

Which NFL fan base is not sensitive? The Texans fan base, who is passionate and really can get crazed over their team at times, can feel slighted by bloggers, especially when you misspell Texans' players names and write blogs with little validity when covering the Texans. As Texans fans, we can take criticism but to base that "ALL" Texans fans are the same because of a few comments from people who may or may not be Texans fans is shortsighted.

As Texans fans, we want blogs with substance and information that will make us come back for more. Substance, validity and knowledge of the team is all we ask for.

The Houston Texans are a good team in a very weak conference. That makes them instant Super Bowl contenders, a point I've made many times. They are not a juggernaut, however.

A weak conference? On paper the Texans look good, but with the normal conference powers of the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens, the Texans still have a long way to go. They still have to play the game. Juggernaut? We have had a winning record twice out of 10 seasons, we are realistic.

They have a glaring weakness at wideout.

Any fan in the Texans fan base can tell you that, next.

I'm not crazy about Gary Kubiak, whose resume is mediocre at best.

I have no issue with Kubiak, his resume is mediocre? Despite scrapping the roster he received when he came to Houston in 2006, he has slowly put together a solid NFL roster. His career record is 47-49 in his 6 seasons for the Texans and it should be over .500 by next season end, if all goes right. Some people might not like what Kubiak has done but he has made the Texans into a potential winner. Kubiak has learned from past mistakes. Don't believe us? He only surrounded himself with one of the best defensive minds in the NFL in Wade Phillips and he was a part of 3 Super Bowl winning teams as an assistant coach. Not a great resume, but he is building it as we speak.

While I agree with the moves they made this offseason, the team is not quite as good as it was last year.

Wait, games have been played already? We have gone over this before - Mario Williams missed the majority of the season, DeMeco Ryans played under 55% of the defensive snaps, Jason Allen despite interceptions got beat just as much, Mike Brisiel the tough starting right guard played sparingly in the divisional playoff game against the Ravens, Eric Winston was a step slower and gave up the most sacks and had the most penalties of any Texans lineman, and Neil Rackers had serious issues kicking the football in the 40-49 yard range. Despite losing all of these players, the Texans still won the division and won their first playoff game.

You cannot replace leadership and what they all brought to the locker room but this is the NFL. Let the season play out. The Texans, in our mind, has replaced each of the positions above the best they could do and the core players are still in place for the team heading into 2012.

Many Houston fans will have none of it, however, perceiving any mention of the weaknesses of the Texans as a personal slight.

Read our site. We talk about the team's weaknesses all the time. We praise when we need to and criticize too.

These fans see the Texans as the rightful defending Super Bowl champs.

As fans, we do see the Texans had a legitimate chance to win the "big one" if the injuries wouldn't have derailed the team. We don't defend them as the Super Bowl champs, we defend them because they are "OUR TEAM". I wouldn't be surprised if any team defended their team just as hard as Texans fans do. That is what fans are supposed to do.

Just try to open your eyes a little and admit they aren't perfect.

We know they are not perfect and no one said they were. Go read all of the Texans blogs, read twitter with the #Texans hash tag and you will see that for yourself.


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