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"What If" Hard Knocks Featured The Texans


I was asked a question on Twitter about the Houston Texans being on HBO’s Hard Knocks, and the question was a hypothetical one but a question I had to think about none the less. The question was “Would the exposure of Hard Knocks be a good thing for the Texans?” When I first thought about it my instant reaction was no, there was no way that the Texans could carry Hard Knocks with the personnel they had. I was thinking about how would the headliners on our team like Matt Schaub, and Andre Johnson carry the show when they are so quiet and nonchalant? My twitter friend then mentioned others on the roster like Connor Barwin, Arian Foster, and threw in just for the sake of argument two of the rookies in Whitney Mercilus, and DeVier Posey. Now that I think about it I could raise him two in Case Keenum and Dwight Jones (self-proclaimed next Andre Johnson). I really don’t know enough about the rookies’ personalities other than what they have shown in the interviews, which is professional and business-like but I do believe their storylines could be good if they added them.

When looking at the current roster there are a few players I think could be great on Hard Knocks some that could add great color and flavor to the show. Those players are strangely enough all on the defensive side of the ball. The NFL’s second ranked defense that has a nastiness about them that earned them the local nickname “Bulls On Parade.” Which makes you question how could this be? Well, I believe that Antonio Smith “Ninja Assassin”, and Shaun Cody could provide some good viewership. I can see it now Smith walks around all day with his famous ninja mask and katana blade fastened to his side and the only time he takes it off would be to go out on the field. LOL. Cody would be the comic relief whether a good play or a bad play I’m sure he will come up with something witty to say to cause the viewers to either laugh or question his masculinity, but hey that’s Cody.

When players like Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson are casted it would be the more serious veterans coming back from injuries and looking to prove that the year prior was a fluke and not what fans should expect in the years to come. In the meeting rooms and on the field I can see those two showing the rookie’s the ropes and playing the veteran leadership role that we have come to expect from them as the key components of our team. Throw in Gary Kubiak and then that will round out the serious part of the show where the nuts and bolts of it lie.

Moving onto the rookie’s that could have major storylines on the show would be Case Keenum, who is a hometown hero from the University of Houston. He set/broke passing records at UofH as well as the NCAA he would be a story that would hit home with lots of Texans fans and other audiences around the country because everyone likes to have a homegrown, nationally recognized player catch on with their professional team. Keenum coming into camp to compete for a roster spot would be great TV. Another storyline that would be one to watch would be Dwight Jones who was a draftable talent as a wide receiver, but because of off the field issues and character he fell out of grace with a lot of teams. Now Jones is coming in with a chip on his shoulder large enough to say that he will be the steal of the draft, and will be the heir to Andre Johnson. Wow! That would cause him to just about be under the microscope for most of Hard Knocks. Love him or hate him the writers of HBO will have a great build up for him.

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Lastly, we can’t forget the enigma that is Wade Phillips. I say enigma because with Wade you never know what to expect. Wade can be nonchalant, melancholy, drab, and dull. Then there are times when Wade can be witty and show us a certain swagger that he’s got things under control then throw in a fiery guy like linebackers coach Reggie Herring and you have and fire and ice combination that would bring a new element to the broadcast. All in all the show could be great TV and with the way HBO draws it up every angle will be hit on and the personalities that we have all come to love and respect here in Houston would go from no names across the country to household names and players to watch for the upcoming 2012 season.

If you have any opinions on this please feel free to leave a comment or you can send me a tweet.