What Is 'The Texans Way'? Rookie Wallow Insists Houston Has 'Something Great Going On'

Houston Texans linebacker Garret Wallow spoke to the media of his excitement being with the Texans and how hw believes they have "something great going on."
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The Houston Texans will be a new-look team come the 2021 season, and given that both their general manager and head coach are rookies in their respective roles, it's hard to gauge exactly what the team might look like post-training camp. 

But according to rookie linebacker Garret Wallow, it's "something great."

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"I want to learn the culture here," said Wallow on Saturday. "As you can tell by coach (David) Culley who just got off the call, we've got something great going on here. Definitely a lot of energy in the building, so one thing you'll do is learn 'The Texan Way."

Exactly what 'The 'TexanWay' is, is yet to be seen; the cynic would suggest that it's still "The Patriots Way'' mashed up with a 4-12 record.

 However, Wallow is clearly keen to be a part of creating something new, bringing his own brand of leadership to the locker room from Day 1.

"The best thing I bring to the team right now is just my leadership right now," said Wallow. " ... Try to bring a lot of enthusiasm while I'm out there on the field, lead by example and also just try to be flexible in any area that I can whether that's on special teams or on defense. 

"Anything I can do to help the team out, that's what I'm here for."

Flexibility will always be a valuable trait, especially for youngsters trying to break into a new team. And given that the Texans have lost so many of their long-time leaders such as J.J. Watt and Benardrick McKinney this offseason it will take strong characters like Wallow to lead this team in the future.

For a team like the Texans in a transitional period, they need players out there who flat-out love every moment they're in the building to help pull them through the tougher moments they may face this upcoming season. And Wallow should go a long way to helping them moving ahead.

"I love football," said Wallow. "I love being out there on the field. I just love the vibes, the intensity, the chills that it brings, especially just being on the football field. It's definitely amazing to be here and I'm excited for whatever the future holds."

What the future holds, for certain, is "The Texan Way.'' What exactly that is ... is presently about hope.

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