What's The 'Other' Reason Texans Are Interviewing Bills Coach Leslie Frazier?

The Texans are scheduled to interview Buffalo defensive coordinator and assistant head coach Leslie Frazier on Sunday. And the visit is fueled by something beyond Frazier's talent
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The Houston Texans plan to interview Leslie Frazier this weekend, and there are plenty of good and obvious reasons to visit with the Buffalo defensive coordinator, who will help coach the Bills in their Sunday NFL Playoffs game.

But there is another reason for the Frazier connection. It is not obvious to most. And it is not necessarily good.

Owner Cal McNair recently outlined his "vision'' of a new head coach. In short, he said, “He'll give a speech and they'll wanna run through the brick wall for him.''

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Frazier is not that. He has long been well-liked by his players, but he is more "professorial'' than he is a "drill sergeant.'' 

There are others who believe the right coach should be youthful, certainly an NFL trend. Frazier is 61.

There are others who believe Houston shouldn't hire a "retread.'' Frazier has Super Bowl rings from his time playing for Chicago and from his time as an assistant head coach on the Colts staff of Tony Dungy, who has personally pushed for both Jim Caldwell (another professorial type) and Frazier.

But Frazier's record as a head coach (with the Vikings) is 21-32-1.

There are others who believe that the best way to get the most out of QB Deshaun Watson is to hire an offensive-background head coach. Frazier isn't that, either.

So what is Leslie Frazier's somewhat-hidden credential for joining a Texans search that includes Eric Bieniemy (Chiefs), Brandon Staley (Rams), David Culley (Ravens), Joe Brady (Panthers), Marvin Lewis and Caldwell?

Frazier is represented by agent Bob LaMonte. Who also represents just-hired GM Nick Caserio. Who also represents oddly-secure exec Jack Easterby. Sources tell us that Frazier's candidacy in Houston has accelerated, if just a bit, because the candidacy of Brian Daboll, the Buffalo offensive coordinator, has accelerated greatly with the Chargers.

Yes, Bob LaMonte also represents Daboll. And he represents the Chargers GM, Tom Telesco.

None of this takes away from the legitimate credentials of Leslie Frazier. But it does illustrate once again who is really pulling the strings in Houston. And it makes look foolish anyone who continues to pretend that "The Jack Web'' is anything but intricately involved in the Texans' GM and coach searches.

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