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What Does Watt Think of Texans Trade Rumors?

J.J. Watt states his intention clearly when asked about the rumors of a Houston Texans trade.

HOUSTON - J.J. Watt is getting ready to play the childhood team he cheered for growing up: The Green Bay Packers. His Texans play host to QB Aaron Rodgers and company this weekend in NFL Week 7 action. 

While Watt prepares for the Packers, speculation runs wild he could be playing his final game for the team that drafted him. 

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When asked about the possibility of the trade, Watt made his desire for his football career clear. 

"My goal since I got here I was to win a championship for the city of Houston," Watt said. "That remains my goal until the day I am not a Houston Texan anymore. That will always be my goal."

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Watt went on to stress that winning a title in Houston is what he is working for "today and that's what I will be working towards tomorrow."

It doesn't sound like the words of a player desperate to call another city home or even to wear another team's uniform. Watt has frequently mentioned things are "above his pay grade" and this, while not explicitly stated, seems to fall into a similar category. 

The situations are different, but Watt is almost the same age Reggie White was when he left the Eagles and headed to the Packers. White left in free agency, and Watt won't be a free agent until the conclusion of next season, but it is quite the coincidence Watt's Texans are playing the Packers ahead of their final game before the NFL Trade Deadline on Nov. 3.

What about the value of Watt in a trade? Plenty of teams who might view themselves as title contenders have a need but could the Texans interim general manager Jack Easterby surely desires something in the first or second round. Houston, of course, doesn't have either of those picks in 2021. 

The comments from Watt won't shut down all the rumors, but it should quell the burning desire to see Watt don new threads this year. The Texans would be trading their only standout player on defense fresh off his best performance of the season. 

Plus, if Watt possesses the level of talent White possessed in his thirties Houston could have a standout defender for another six to seven seasons. While the short-term gain of draft capital would be nice, the likelihood of replacing Watt's tangible and intangible impact is unlikely.