Where Do Houston Texans Rank? World’s Most Valuable Sports Franchises

In Forbes' latest edition of their annual valuation of sports franchises, the Houston Texans have come out 23rd, with their value rising despite the Covid-19 pandemic and lack of on-field success.
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Despite enjoying limited on-field success and a brief existence in the grander scheme, the Houston Texans have been ranked as the joint 23rd most valuable sports franchise in the world per Forbes.

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Their valuation comes in at $3.3 billion, tied with the Chicago Bulls (NBA), which places the Texans 10th in the NFL. This ranks them behind the Dallas Cowboys (1), New England Patriots (8), New York Giants (9), LA Rams (13), San Francisco 49ers (15), New York Jets (17), Chicago Bears (18), Washington Football Team (19) and the Philadelphia Eagles (21).

Owned by Janice McNair, the franchise was founded in 1999 for an initial fee of $700 million. And while the pandemic may have wreaked havoc on the sporting world, and particularly on ticket sales this past year, the Texans have risen in value by $.2 billion according to Forbes' 2020 edition. However, despite this increase in value the Texans have fallen from joint 20th overall in their global standings. 

Of the 50 teams included in their annual ranking, 26 come from the NFL, more than any other single sport. 

From the Houston Texans' point of view, while their financial stability is something many franchises across the globe would dream of, their on-the-field success has been limited at best. 

Fresh off of a year that delivered them nothing more than a 4-12 season, the departure of two of their brightest stars in J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins, and a seemingly endless list of poor headlines in the media the team is in a rebuilding phase once again. 

Perhaps someday soon this lofty valuation will become evident when matched by some on-field success.

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