Where's Texans' David Culley Rank Among 32 NFL Coaches?

David Culley's status as a head coach has mixed reviews. So, where does he rank?
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HOUSTON -- As the NFL calendar briefly slows down for a respite, it's time to rank the NFL head coaches across the board. It's also time to know "how'' the rankings are done, especially as it relates to Houston Texans' coach David Culley.

Every coach is different. Some will remain inside the top 10 based off name recognition. Others are risers, looking to cement their status as the next big name. Then there's those just clinging for a job. 

Where does the Texans first-year boss Culley rank? Nowhere for now. 

In Patrick Daugherty's report, he elected not to put the new hires on the list until they prove their status as full-time play callers. 

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David Culley spent the past two seasons leading the Ravens’ thoroughly underwhelming receiver corps. Before that, he was quarterbacks coach for the Bills’ uninspiring 2017-18 offenses. Now he is the oldest first-time head coach in NFL history. “David will do a good job,” were the words of his former boss Andy Reid. “He’s a people person, he’ll bring energy to the building and he is one of the most loyal guys I’ve ever been around.” Notice what Reid did not say. This hire wasn’t about winning now. Culley is being asked to serve as a human shield for a free-falling organization where things are going to get worse before they get better. Culley would not be the first NFL head coach to ride relentless positivity to surprising results. It just won’t be possible in the talent-bereft, picks-barren environment he has landed in. It’s a thankless job. David Culley is the man who said he would do it. - Patrick Daugherty, NBC Sports' Edge

Culley, a 27-year veteran in the NFL, is finally being given his chance to be successful at calling the shots. It's well documented he comes with high praise from other coaches around the NFL, including Reid and Baltimore Ravens' John Harbaugh. 

However, Daugherty does mention one thing more than other: where are the "wins" or "winning mentality" Reid is not quoted as mentioning? What that on purpose? 

Houston heads in a new direction this offseason after a 4-12 finish. They likely are replacing franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson following the fallout earlier this offseason. On top of that, first-year GM Nick Caserio has added 38 new players, few of whom seem to be game-changers.

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How many are depth pieces? How many can transform a defense that allowed an average for 416 yards per game in 2020? Will any of the new running backs help Houston finish above 31st on the ground? 

Culley came to Houston to steer a ship with little direction. The waters still are choppy, with winning - even a little bit - the only way to firm up his reputation.   

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