While Plugging Away on Rehab - Texans J.J. Watt Is Looking To "Have Some Fun Down The Road"

Patrick D. Starr

The rumors are swirling about a possible return of Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt to the field. After the Texans win over the New England Patriots, Watt declined to comment on the recent news of him possibly returning from the injured reserve from his torn left pectoral injury that he has already had surgery on a few days after the injury. 

Watt, during pregame, took time to talk to Sunday Night Football's Michele Tafoya about his injury and his possible return.

"I do what the doctor tells me," Watt said with a smile. "I'll say that. I do what the doctor tells me. We've always been wanting to make sure we do everything we possibly can to get back out there with the guys. And if the doctor gives me the green light at some point here in the near future, I will take the green light gladly and get back out there with my guys. Because there's nothing more that I want to do with them be on the field, my guys in front of these fans."

Watt has been rehabbing his pectoral injury since week nine of the season and will be eligible to return if cleared, the opening round of the playoffs. 

"I feel unbelievable," Watt said of how he has responded to rehab. "The guys, the doctors, the rehab guys are taking great care of me. And I feel really, really good. They're kind of holding me back every day because that's just the way things go."

The Texans are saving their final designation to return from the injured reserve on Watt after using their first one on tight end Jordan Thomas. 

Watt is holding back from pushing too hard in his rehab, but he is at the facility every day with team personnel attempting to get back to that point for the team to make a decision. 

"They're really good about that, and they know my personality," Watt said of the balance of pushing him in rehab. "I know them, so we know exactly how hard to push and how hard not to push, and hopefully, we have some fun down the road."

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