Who is Bryan Braman?

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The Houston Texans have done their homework once again and found an undrafted free agent that seems will be a contributor to the 2011 roster. Bryan Braman came to the Houston Texans from West Texas A&M who measures at 6'5", 241 lbs. and was considered to be an undrafted camp invitee by NFL scouts. Fortunately for the Texans they found a raw athletic football player that still has plenty of football to learn, and made a big enough impression to earn a roster spot on 53-man roster.

Bryan Braman

Braman is from Spokane, Washington and went to Shadle Park High School and was known around Spokane coming out of high school more for his track ability than his football ability. He ran a 11.1 second 100 meter dash at 6'5" in high school, which shows he is a gifted athlete.

Originally signing a letter on intent to play football at the University of Idaho he ended up at Long Beach City College, in California, to start his football career. At L.B.C.C., Braman was twice named 1st team all conference at defensive end. In his two-year stint, he posted 84 tackles and 12.5 sacks from his spot at defensive end.

Houston Texans defensive assitant, Bobby King coached at West Texas A&M and recruited Braman to Canyon, TX to play football. Braman ended up at West Texas A&M, but soon found himself suspended indefinitely for manufacturing a controlled substance (hallucinogenic mushrooms) which ended his time at West Texas A&M.

Fortunately, King ended up with the Texans and persuaded defensive coordinator Wade Phillips to bring Braman in a give him an opprotunity. Gifted with great speed on the outside, Braman was switched to outside linebacker and provides an oprotunity for him to make it on the depth chart. During camp I remember seeing one defensive player who seemed to be getting chippy with the offense and pushing people and not backing down. It was Braman, in that same practice he hurt his elbow came out of drills and came back with his elbow heavily bandaged and got right back in. Braman was fighting for a dream job and not taken his new opportunity for granted and made it happen.

The rest is history because Braman worked hard at camp and made eyes open after his Monday Night Football debut against the New York Jets. He was soon placed on special teams and was racing down the field covering kicks, which looks like Braman will start his career as, special teams extraordinaire. Just with the addition with him to the roster the Texans have already improved their athleticism on the roster. I have been a big critic of Braman, but my hat goes off to him defying the odds and making this team as an undrafted rookie free agent. I still want to see Braman improve enough as football player and be a force on defense just not on special teams.

Also, something has to be said about the Texans front office about finally taking the step forward to bring in players with a shady past, and if this was the 2010 Texans we would have not seen Braman at all. The Texans, with the help of Wade Phillips have taken the step forward on giving guys second chances and making this a different roster that is ready to win.

It is exciting to see players like Braman make the roster and give the Texans fan base a new cult hero, but lets hope he builds on his opprotunity and stick around awhile in Houston. The Texans are taking a big chance with him making him one of four outside linebackers on the roster, and none of them have taken a snap in a real NFL game at the position.

Bryan Braman adds a new excitement to Texans football and it proves the Texans organization are using any means necessary to find the best players to suit up for the Texans. The Texans have an impressive draft class but an even more impressive rookie class. This rookie class looks even better with Braman, and has the potential to be here for a long time in Houston.