Will Fuller Makes His Presence Felt In the Texans Win Over the Colts

Patrick D. Starr

The Houston Texans have been waiting for the return of Will Fuller to the lineup, and he did it in style in a vital win on Thursday night. Fuller caught seven passes for 140 yards, and his big receptions opened up the Colts defense to help a second-half surge for the offense. 

Head coach Bill O'Brien discussed the presence of Fuller in the offense, and his impact in the Texans win. 

"He's a big part of the offense,' O'Brien said of Fuller. "Obviously very fast, but he's a very good route runner. Sometimes really fast guys, you know they're not the best route runners. This guy's got both. He can run great routes, and he's got great speed."

Fuller registered two receptions for 51 and 44 yards, which woke up the Texans offense. A hamstring injury sidelined Fuller for three games, but he came back with a vengeance and helped the Texans take back the lead in the AFC South. 

"The issue with Will has always been just can be healthy," O'Brien continued on Fuller. "So he's always worked hard to stay healthy and anytime we've had a healthy will I think if you look back over since he's been here. He's been a very productive guy. He's made chunk plays for us, touchdowns, and he's a great player, and when we get him as a part of our offense, it really helps us, and it opens up a lot of different things."

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