Would Texans Trade Deshaun To Jags For No. 1 Pick Trevor Lawrence?

Deshaun for Trevor? The name of this game now, for fans and media, is “Who Says No?” And we will suggest ... almost everybody does.
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They say there’s no such thing as a “dumb question.” That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t “dumb answers.”

OK, maybe “dumb” is a bit rough. But is the “answer” to the Houston Texans’ problem with Deshaun Watson really an NFL Draft-related blockbuster trade that would send the Texans’ unhappy 25-year-old star quarterback to the rival Jacksonville Jaguars? 

And would deliver to Houston the No. 1 overall pick and QB Trevor Lawrence?

If we’re just goofing around with ideas, this is a fun one. The author is Matthew Tabeek, who now writes for the Atlanta Falcons site but is otherwise a credentialed and credible NFL beat writer.

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Here’s Tabeek’s concept:

Texans receive: No. 1 overall (2021), No. 25 overall (2021), second-round pick (2022), second-round pick (2023)

Jaguars receive: QB Deshaun Watson, No. 100 overall (2021)

The name of this game now, for fans and media, is “Who Says No?” And we will suggest ... everybody does. Why would Jacksonville give up a massive package, and pay Deshaun, when it can simply select a player in Lawrence to projects to soon be a Pro Bowler himself? Why would Watson waive his no-trade clause to go to a team that’s not a contender and not on his wish list? Heck, given Watson’s agent’s recent dealings with the Jags, he might not buy-in. And, heck, if Lawrence finds out he’s heading to a place he finds undesirable - and remember, Watson and Lawrence Clemson guys and they have a relationship - He might power-play his way right out of the deal.

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Maybe the closest thing we have to a potential “yes” would come from Houston, as this would be a fabulous way to re-stock quickly ... except the Texans’ position continues to be “no, never!” when it comes up Watson swap talks.

So, even the “yes” is a “no.” But “Who Says No?” remains, if only this, lots of fun.